Valhalla Rising on Top 20

CRITICS' PICK. Mads Mikkelsens' mute warrior has catched the eye of Empire magazine, voting Nicolas Winding Refn's Viking film "Valhalla Rising" among the top 20 films of 2010.

The British film magazine Empire has named the 20 best titles of 2010 in its latest issue, and in 18th place is Nicolas Winding Refn's "Valhalla Rising".

As Empire notes: "Viking movies are as fashionable as mullets, but Nicolas Winding Refn's version creates its own niche with its Malick-like visuals."

Empire Top 20 for 2010

1    Inception
2    The Social Network
3    Toy Story 3
4    Up in the Air
5    A Profet
6    Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
7    Bad Lieutenant
8    Shutter Island
9    Winter's Bone
10   Kick-Ass
11   Four Lions
12   How to Train a Dragon
13   A Single Man
14   Monsters
15   The Kids Are All Right
16   The Secret in Their Eyes
17   Exit Through the Gift Shop
18   Valhalla Rising
19   Lebanon
20   Precious

"Valhalla Rising" was out in Danish theatres in March and is available on DVD.