Venice honours Pernilla August

AWARDS. 'Beyond', the Swedish-Danish coproduction by Pernilla August, received the Audience Award at the Venice film festival section International Film Critics Week.

Pernilla August's feature film debut 'Beyond' received the Regione del Veneto per il cinema di qualità, the audience award for best film in competition at the 25. International Film Critics Week, Venice.

The International Film Critics Week is an independent section within the 67th Venice Film Festival.

'Beyond' was also honoured with a Special Award from the Christopher D. Smithers Foundation. 

The Hollywood Reporter says ...

The Hollywood Reporter began their glowing review with: "Noomi Rapace proves she can go well 'Beyond' the Millennium films in Pernilla August's powerful directorial debut." Critic Natasha Senjanovic continues:

"Toni Morrison once said that regardless of how many beautiful, sappy or tired lines we've heard about the moon, the moment a master writer finds a new way of describing it, we are moved to tears. This holds true for much-lauded actress Pernilla August's treatment of domestic violence and alcoholism in "Beyond," a simultaneously restrained, gut-wrenching, but hopeful feature debut."

Concluding her words on Rapace, Senjanovic writes: "… she is an heir of the Bergman school of understatement. A driven woman seeking order - to the point of straightening out the toothbrushes in the bathroom as she takes in her mother's impending death on the phone - her Leena is all determination and forward motion. She cannot stop moving for fear her demons will break her."