Venice selects "Allegro"

"Allegro" by Camera d'Or
winner Christoffer Boe is selected for Venice Days, a section at the 62nd
Venice International Film Festival (1-10 September 2005).
Venice Days, whose aim
is to celebrate creativity, talent and to renew languages, selects only 12
films to participate in the event, this year extending its selection to
films from the whole world, contrary to 2004 when the event was open only
for European productions. Venice Days also includes debates with
the participation of the directors of the chosen films.

Written by director
Christoffer Boe and Mikael Wulff, "Allegro" was produced by Tine Grew
Pfeiffer for Alphaville Pictures Copenhagen and has Ulrich Thomsen,
Henning Moritzen and international model and photographer Helena
Christensen in the lead.
"Allegro" is about a
famous pianist, Zetterstrøm, who returns to his native Copenhagen from New
York on the occasion of a gala concert. A perfectionist by nature, he has
one major personal flaw; he has lost the memory of his past. But when he
is contacted by a messenger from a mysterious off-limits "zone" in the
middle of the city, he connects with what lies behind him, what made him
run away: his love for the captivating Andrea. He hopes for the past to
come back to him, but the "zone" does not sell dreams ... it leads him to
remembrance of things past.
Christoffer Boe will
attend Venice Days, and it is expected that Ulrich Thomsen will also
Boe's feature film debut
"Reconstruction", produced by Pfeiffer for Nordisk Film, received the
Camera d'Or and the Prix de la Jeunes at Cannes International Film
Festival in 2003. The film has also received a wealth of other
international awards.
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