Veteran and two first-timers to Shanghai

The two features "Aching Hearts" and "Original" have been selected for the official Jin Jue competition, and "The Blessing" will be showcased in the Panorama Section at the 12th Shanghai International Film Festival (13-21 June).Bringing out a sequel after 27 years
"Aching Hearts" is directed by one of Danish cinema's major auteurs, Nils Malmros. Set in the early 1960s, the story revolves around the high school sweethearts Jonas and Agnete, their friendships and families, trials and tribulations. The film is partly authentic, building on Malmros' own experiences from his teen years, and is a sequel to the director's seminal work 27 years ago, "The Tree of Knowledge". Shanghai marks the films international premiere. Produced by Thomas Heinesen for Nordisk Film. Off-beat comedy by Scandinavian duo
"Original" is helmed by first-time feature film directors Alexander Brøndsted and Antonio Tublén. The Danish-Swedish duo's off-beat comedy unfolds in the eccentric world of Henry, a burdened young man struggling to break free from everyone’s expectations. "Original" will be enjoying its Asian premiere in Shanghai. Produced by Carsten Holst for Zentropa.
Feature debut in Panorama
Heidi Maria Faisst's drama "The Blessing" will be showcased in the International Panorama section. Faisst, who wrote and directed the two strong short films "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" (2006) and "Frederikke" (2007), once again investigates the difficult relationships between mothers and daughters in "The Blessing" about the young woman Katrine, who falls into postpartum depression after giving birth to her first child. Asian premiere. Produced by Meta Louise Foldager for Zentropa.
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Aching Hearts/ Kærestesorger
Original/ Original
The Blessing/ Velsignelsen

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