Whistleless to compete at Annecy

FESTIVAL. Siri Melchior's Whistless is invited to compete at Europe's most important animation film festival, the international festival in Annecy.

"Whistleless" directed by Siri Melchior and produced by Marie Bro for Dansk Tegnefilm is a contender in the official competition at the 50th Animation Film Festival Annecy (7-12 June 2010).  

Melchior's film—entertainment for pre-schoolers—is a loveable and colourful fable bursting with music. Whistleless is a small bird who is unable to whistle, but learns how, once he stops listening to everyone's well-meant advice.


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Music From the Soul

50th Annecy Animation Film Festival

After being selected for Berlin's Generation Kplus for children, "Whistleless" is booked for an extensive run on the international festival circuit.

Melchior is noted for her awardwinning animated films: "The Dog Who was a Cat Inside" (2002) and "Passport" (1999), both were in the running for a Cartoon d'Or. Together with two colleagues from the Royal College, she created the animation company Trunk Studio, producing works for Channel 4, BBC Scotland, MTV, Domino Records and Virgin.

Director and producer, Siri Melchior and Marie Bro, will be attending the festival.