Mikkel Weider, Ida Brinck-Lund, Danmark, 2010


When red gelatine in the public pool transforms a cocky high-diver into a wobbling sky-diver; or when the gigantic Warbling Warthog makes a mysterious disappearance from the Museum of Unnatural History, then you know that Crimeville’s cast of unusual suspects have pulled off another prank…
Crimeville is comedy-crime and offers the users a possibility for playing interactive single- and multi-player detective-riddles on TV, online-community, trading card games, magazine, comic-strip and mobile phone. The platforms offer different role-play-modes, but essentially the riddle-solving works in the same way across platforms. One of Crimeville‟s numerous charming (as in seriously weird) hapless heroes commits a crime; there are always three suspects, each has a secret which is also their motive – and only one of them is the rather guilty rascal!
Grundoplysninger Credits
Original titel Crimeville
Dansk titel Crimeville
Instruktør Mikkel Weider, Ida Brinck-Lund
Producent Irene Sparre
Klipper Christel Skousen Thrane
Produktionsland Danmark
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Produktionsselskab Art of Crime


Instruktion Mikkel Weider
Instruktion Ida Brinck-Lund


Forfatter Thomas Krajewski
Forfatter Paul Parkes


Producer Irene Sparre


Klipper Christel Skousen Thrane


Art director Finn Skovgaard
Lead character artist Luca Fattore

Interactive crew

Programmør Søren Tramm

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