Winter Brothers wins in Locarno

12.08.17AWARD. Elliott Crosset Hove, who takes the lead in Hlynur Pálmason's feature debut "Winter Brothers," wins the Best Actor Award at the Locarno Film...

Dan Dream to Fantastic Fest

09.08.17FESTIVAL. The comedic duo of Casper Christensen and Frank Hvam are soon off to Fantastic Fest for the third time, bringing their new comedy "Dan Dream...
forever 13

Debut film Team Hurricane to Venice Film Critics' Week

24.07.17FESTIVAL. Annika Berg's teen drama "Team Hurricane" has been selected for the Venice Film Festival's Critics' Week celebrating emerging talents. The...
You Disappear selected for Toronto

You Disappear selected for Toronto

15.08.17FESTIVAL. Peter Schønau Fog's drama "You Disappear" with Trine Dyrholm and Nikolaj Lie Kaas is invited to the Toronto Film Festival (7-17 September), marking the film's international premiere.
Films for children and youth in East Africa – A Development Project Evolves

Films for children and youth in East Africa – A Development Project Evolves

11.07.17CULTURAL EXCHANGE. It has been 10 years since the Zanzibar Film Festival added its Children & Film Panorama sidebar, aiming to promote film culture and film production for East African children and...
Winter Brothers in Locarno Competition

Winter Brothers in Locarno Competition

03.07.17FESTIVAL. Hlynur Pálmason's first feature "Winter Brothers" is selected for the main competition, the Concorso internazionale, at the Locarno Festival (2-12 August). The film, which is also a first...
Danish Film Institute will be getting new CEO

Danish Film Institute will be getting new CEO

30.06.17Danish Film Institute CEO Henrik Bo Nielsen is resigning after 10 years on the job.
Birgitte Hjort Sørensen in New Thriller Series

Birgitte Hjort Sørensen in New Thriller Series

23.06.17NEW TV SERIES. Birgitte Hjort Sørensen is playing the lead in "Greyzone," a Danish-Swedish-German co-production. The series, written by Oskar Söderlund and Morten Dragsted, will be shot in Copenhag...

Upcoming Films

Never Again a Tomorrow / Aldrig mere i morgen

Premieredate:31.08.2017The slightly self-indulgent artist Thorvald collapses during an interview made in celebration of his 80th birthday and dies shortly after. But in spite of his death Thorvald can still follow those...

Word of God / Gud taler ud

Premieredate:28.09.2017A film about an eccentric man of the world called God who lives in an ordinary detached house with his family: his Swedish wife Gerd Lillian and his two youngest sons, Thomas and Jens. The oldest s...

What a Circus! / Sikke et cirkus

Premieredate:05.10.2017Everything is as usual at the circus, where a cheerful band of performers enjoy a world full of magic and where grown-ups get to play. Ramona loves her life inside and outside the circus ring, and...

Min søsters børn og robotten


The Incredible Story of the Giant Pear / Den utrolige historie om den kæmpestore pære

Premieredate:12.10.2017Life in Solby is nice and peaceful until one day Mitcho and Sebastian find a message in a bottle by the harbour. The bottle is from the missing mayor of Solby with a message that he is on a mysteri...


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