Fritz Lang (DE, 1926)


Basic information

Danish titleMetropolis
Other titlesVild med dansk 8
DirectorFritz Lang
Director of PhotographyKarl Freund, Günther Rittau
ComposerGiorgio Moroder
Danish theatrical release05.03.1927
Danish festival release2010-04-17
Production countryGermany
Duration121 min.
Production companyUFA
Domestic distribution Warner
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Additional information

Technical info2480 meters / 35 mm
Danish ratingAllowed for children over the age of 12

Full credits

Fritz LangDirection
Fritz LangScript
Erich PommerProduction
Keith ForseyExecutive producer
Michele CohenExecutive producer
Laurie HowardExecutive producer
Karl FreundCinematography
Günther RittauCinematography
Aenne WillkomWardrobe
Brigitte HelmAppearance
Gustav FrölichAppearance
Alfred AbelAppearance
Rudolf Klein-RoggeAppearance
Theodor LoosAppearance
Fritz RaspAppearance
Erwin BiswangerAppearance
Heinrich GeorgeAppearance
Olaf StormAppearance
Hans Leo ReichAppearance
Heinrich GothoAppearance
Margaret LannerAppearance
Max DietzeAppearance
Georg JohnAppearance
Walter KühleAppearance
Arthur ReinhardAppearance
Erwin VaterAppearance
Grete BergerAppearance
Olly BöheimAppearance
Ellen FreyAppearance
Lisa GrayAppearance
Rose LichtensteinAppearance
Helene WeigelAppearance
Beatrice GargaAppearance
Anny HintzeAppearance
Holda WoitscheffAppearance
Fritz AlbertiAppearance

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Fritz Lang

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