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Creative Europe Desk Denmark is a joint venture between the Creative Europe programme of the European Union and the Danish Film Institute. Creative Europe Desk Denmark informs and consults Danish Film, TV and Games professionals on EU audiovisual policy and how to obtain EU funding for projects. Creative Europe supports development of interactive works and has an annual budget of 2,5 mio. EUR. Creative Europe Desk Denmark is always open for information meetings.



DADIU (The National Academy of Digital, Interactive Entertainment) is the Danish video games education. The educations is a specialization for students being trained in the field of video games at various art schools and universities in all of Denmark: Visuel Arts, Animation, Audio Design, Direction, Programming and Project Management. At DADIU, the students participate in a one semester games specialization.



The Danish Film Institute supports digital games through the Danish Game Scheme. The department is responsible for the artistic evaluation of projects applying for or that have been granted with financial support for the development of digital games. 


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Creative Europe Desk Denmark 
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