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Johan Toresson

Now: Chief Say That Again Officer at Raw Fury, looking and finding interesting things to publish.

Formerly: COO of the Gameport Incubator, Founder of the Creative Coast Festival.

Jake Elliott

Jake Elliott is co-founder of Cardboard Computer, where he is a writer, programmer, and designer on the game Kentucky Route Zero. His work is characterized by playful text, reflective pacing, and human-scale drama. He lives in central Kentucky.

Morten Skovgaard

Morten has worked in the video games industry for more than 20 years. He started out in retail and distribution in 1996 and moved to print magazines in 1998, eventually starting up his own little publishing house in 2001 with the magazine PC Player, which turned into the multi-format magazine Gameplay many years later, until it was closed in 2014. Today, he owns the localization agency Character Localization, which focuses on providing Nordic text and audio localization for video games, apps and technology. Aside from that, he works as the communications manager for the hard rock and heavy metal music festival COPENHELL, where he services a huge, dedicated and demanding audience on a daily basis. He still runs Gameplay as his personal online magazine, covering everything from video games and apps to board games and children's games. If it's playable, he'll play it!

Søren Lundgaard

Søren Lundgaard is CEO, Co-founder, and Producer at Ghost Ship Games. Søren is an industry veteran with close to 20 years of diverse experience in developing games for the global market on multiple platforms. He started out as a programmer, moved on to design and game directing, then teaching, consulting and analytics. Throughout the years, Søren has gathered an extensive knowledge of game markets across platforms and genres, and lately, he has specialized in the Steam platform market.

Tanja Lind Tankred & Mira Dorthé

Other Tales Interactive is a Danish/Swedish independent game studio that makes experimental story driven games. The studio consists of the two writers and designers Tanja Lind Tankred and Mira Dorthé who both come from a literary background. Tanja has a Bachelor in Comparative Literature and Mira has a Bachelor in Creative Writing and Linguistics. They met each other at the IT University of Copenhagen (at a Magic the Gathering-event) where they studied a Master in Game Design. They have completed the Swedish accelerator program Stugan, and established Other Tales Interactive which makes experimental story driven games.
They are currently working on "Tick Tock: A Tale for Two", a multiplayer game played on two devices.

Albert Säfström

Albert Säfström is a co-founder, marketing manager, and publishing producer at Coffee Stain Publishing. An engineer turned creative direct or turned marketing consultant turned expert on algorithmic cross-promotion turned publisher (while moonlighting as e-sports commentator), he did not take the straightest path getting to the gaming industry. At Coffee Stain Publishing, Albert uses his diverse background and skills to help games reach their potential.


Practical Info

13 November 2018

12:30 - 17:30

ASTA, Cinemateket
Gothersgade 55
DK-1123 Copenhagen K



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