09:30 Registration, coffee & croissants

10:00 Introduction: Welcome to PLAY 2017 - VR after the hype

Kristine Ploug, DADIU

Simon Løvind, Danish Film Institute

10:20 Insights on the VR Market – now and in the near future

Carter Rogers, Senior VR Analyst, SuperData Research

11:10 Bolverk Games – a Danish pioneer in VR games

Bo Bennekov, Co-founder and CEO, Bolverk Games

11:40 The Design of SUPERHOT: An interview with art director, Marcin Surma

Interviewer: Simon Løvind, Danish Film Institute

12:10 Lunch

13:00 Funding Possibilities

Ene Katrine Rasmussen, Creative Europe MEDIA

Simon Løvind, Danish Film Institute

13:20 Baobab Studios - interactive VR animation

Kane Lee, Head of Content, Baobab Studios

14:10 Coffee & cake

14:40 Danish VR: Works in Progress

Anders Østergård, Game Designer, Apex Virtual Entertainment

Mads Damsbo, Lead Producer, Makropol

Lau Korsgaard, Game Designer, NapNok Games

15:40 Drinks & networking

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Programme descriptions will be updated as the seminar approaches

Entering Uncharted Waters - Experiences from a Danish Perspective Bolverk Games was a Danish first mover when it came to  publishing VR games. They have build their studio around VR production and released the games “Kittypocalypse” and “Dick Wilde”.The CEO of Bolverk Games Bo Bennekow will talk about the games development and about how it is to develop for an early and uncertain market.

Bo Bennekov, CEO, Bolverk Games

Danish VR: Work in Progress 

Only a few Danish developers have entered into large scale VR productions. In this session we will get the insights from some of the ambitious projects that are still on their way.

Apex Virtual Entertainment started “Night Skies ’15” back in 2015. It is a first world war action adventure that gives two players an opportunity to play in online co-op mode in the same VR world. Game designer Anders Østergård will present the game and talk about the key challenges of designing co-op in VR.

Makropol was a Danish first mover in 360° filmmaking when they started the VR film and art installation “The Doghouse” back in 2013. Since then they have explored the borderlands where 360° filmmaking and theatrical installations meet, and In their recent projects they have also included game elements. Creative producer Mads Damsbo will talk about their productions that combine 360° filmmaking and realtime game engines.

NapNok Games always had a focus on the social aspects of the players experience in their game design. This was also the starting point for “Sinking Feeling” – a game where two players collaborate on submarine missions in a fantasy deep sea. It is an asymmetrical VR co-op game still in development, where one player is in VR and the other player uses the tv-monitor. Game designer Lau Korsgaaard will talk about their challenges of designing social gameplay for the PlayStation VR platform.

Anders Østergård, Game Designer, Apex Virtual Entertainment // Mads Damsbo, Lead Producer, Makropol // Lau Korsgaard, Game Designer, NapNok Games


Practical Information

Time: November 30th 2017

Place: The Cinematheque, Bio Carl, Gothersgade 55, 1123 Copenhagen K

Registration fee: Participation is free, but we charge a no-show fee of 250 DKK

Registration: Register online here

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Creative Europe Denmark 
Ene Katrine Rasmussen

Kristine Ploug

Spilordningen / DFI 
Simon Løvind