List of Speakers

Baobab Studies (US)

Speaker: Kane Lee, Head of Content at Baobab Studios. Emmy Award-winning producer Kane Lee heads content development and strategy for Baobab Studios and has served as Executive Producer for the virtual reality studio’s groundbreaking works, including the 2017 Emmy Award winner Invasion! featuring Ethan Hawke, as well as the 2017 Unity Vision Award winner Asteroids!featuring Elizabeth Banks, and most recently, the highly anticipated VR experience Rainbow Crow, starring John Legend. He masterminded the first-time ever adaptation of VR IP (Invasion!) into a traditional flat screen Hollywood feature film. Kane Lee is an advisor in interactive media for the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

Bolvërk Games (DK)

Speaker: Bo Bennekov is the co-founder and CEO of Bolverk Games, a game studio dedicated to VR development. Bolverk Games launched Kittypocalypse alongside the Oculus Rift, and won two awards for Dick Wilde, available on all three major VR platforms. 

Website: www.bolverkgames.com

Makropol (DK)

Speaker: Mads Damsbo is the founder and Lead Producer of Makropol, a studio determined to explore new realms and fields from where stories can unfold. Mads holds a BA in Media Directing and was schooled as a filmproducer from Super16.

Website: www.makropol.dk

Napnok Games (DK)

Speaker: Lau Korsgaard CCO at NapNok Games, an eight year old, still growing and multi award-winning independent game studio located in Copenhagen, Denmark. NapNok Games' mission is to create groundbreaking local/social multiplayer games driven by novel interfaces and new technologies.

Website: www.napnokgames.com

SuperData Research (US)

Speaker: Carter Rogers is a Senior Analyst at SuperData Research, the world's leading provider of market intelligence covering the global markets for virtual reality, digital games, streaming media and esports. Carter regularly advises AAA publishers and Fortune 500 brands on how to succeed in the digital games space. He has previously spoken at events including Casual Connect USA and GiGse and moderated a panel at DEW 2017.  
Website: www.superdataresearch.com

Superhot (PL) 

Speaker: Marcin Surma, Art director of SUPERHOT (2016) and SUPERHOT VR (2017). Illustrator, comic book artist and  writer. Graduate of Łódź Film School (Animated Film Directing, Dept. of Cinematography) and Lublin UMCS (Dept. of Math,  Physics and Computer Science). SUPERHOT is the FPS game in which time moves only when you move, adding something new to the FPS genre with its  unique and hyper stylized graphics. 

Website: www.superhotgame.com


Creative Europe Denmark 
Ene Katrine Rasmussen 


Kristine Ploug 

Spilordningen / DFI 
Simon Løvind