"1989" opens CPH:DOX 2014

CPH:DOX 2014. Scandinavia's largest documentary film festival has revealed 12 titles in their main competition section, the DOX:AWARD, including the two Danish films "The Look of Silence" and "1989". The latter will be screened throughout Europe on CPH:DOX's opening gala night on 5 November.

When CPH:DOX kicks off this year's edition in Copenhagen with the world premiere of Anders Østeraard's "1989", audiences in other parts of Denmark and Europe will also be able to experience Østergaard's film about the fall of the iron curtain.

For the first time in the festival's history, the opening film will be screened simultaneously in a number of Danish cinemas as well as in more than 15 theatres across Europe, including in Oslo, Prague, Brussels, Dublin, Kiev, Helsinki, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, Porto and Belgrade.

About "1989"

Anders Østergaard's film is an investigative look at the year the Berlin Wall fell, documenting the events that took place in Hungary as a prelude to the dramatic changes in November 1989. The director recreates the events and leads the audiences deep into the politicians' secret meeting rooms by using a mix of interviews, archive material and reconstructed scenes and dialogues. Watch trailer below:

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"1989" is also in the line-up for the main award, and so is Joshua Oppenheimer's Danish-produced "The Look of Silence", which won the Grand Prix in September at Venice Film Festival.

See the list so far of films nominated for the DOX:AWARD 2014 at cphdox.dk and sample them in the trailer here:

CPH:DOX / 6-16 November 2014