90 min.DK/Documentary

"1989" is a high-politics drama about the collapse of the Iron Curtain. In 1988, to save Hungary''s appalling economy, the young technocrat Miklós Neméth becomes the country''s new prime minister. He decides to remove the expensive border control apparatus from the state budget. A young couple from East Germany is encouraged by the rumours that the Hungarian border to Austria will be opened and decide to try their luck. But Nemeth''s decision has set him up against formidable adversaries and communist hardliners. The young couple is caught in the political power game, and the young man is shot dead at the border. This tragic event paradoxically accelerates Nemeth''s final decision to open the borders, and soon after the Berlin wall falls.

Anders Østergaard ("Tintin and Me" and Oscar nominee "Burma VJ") and co-director Erzsébet Rácz recreate the events of 1989 using archival footage and placing them in new contexts.
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Original title 1989
Danish title 1989
Keywords Nehméth, Miklós, Berlin Wall, The, Cold war, The, Hungary, German Democratic Republic, The, 1980-1989
Director Anders Østergaard, Erzsébet Rácz
Screenplay Anders Østergaard, Erzsébet Rácz
Producer Lise Lense-Møller
Director of Photography Simon Plum
Editor Pernille Bech Christensen, Szilvia Ruszev, Réka Lemhényi
Sound Rikard Strømsodd, Jørgen Bergsund, Tormod Ringnes
Appearance Miklós Németh, Gundula Schafitel, Uta Koch, Mathias Rössler
Production country Denmark
Dialogue language English,Tysk,Hungarian,Russian
Domestic distribution DOXBIO
International sales First Hand Films World Sales
Danish theatrical release 05.11.2014
Cinemas Aalborg: Biffen Art Cinema
Aarhus: Øst for Paradis
Ebeltoft: Store Bjørn/Den Danske Filmhøjskole
Esbjerg: Huset
Glostrup: Glostrup Bio
Herlev: Herlev Teaterbio
Holbæk: Kulturbiografen Frysehuset
Humlebæk: Humle Bio
Hvalsø: Hvalsø Bio
Kastrup: Kastrup Bio
Kolding: Nicolai Bio
København K: Grand Teatret
Korsør: Biografteatret
Lønstrup: Cafe Bio
Mors: Bio Mors
Næstved: Næstved Bio
Odense: Cafébiografen
Ringe: Ringe Bio
Ry: Ry Biograf
Rødovre: Atlas Biograferne
Rødovre: Bio Viften
Skive: Cinema 3
Skælskør: Kosmorama
Slangerup: Slangerup Bio
Stege: Stege Bio
Svaneke: Cassiopeia Bio
Valby: Valby Kino
Vig: Vig Bio
Danish festival release 05.11.2014, Koncerthuset i DR Byen, CPH:DOX
Comment Screened at CPH:DOX and Göteborg Film Festival, among others. Anders Østergaard''s previous films include ''Burma VJ: Reporter in a Closed Country'' (2008), which received an Oscar-nomination. ''1989'' marks the directorial debut of Erzsébet Rácz.
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte
Danish rating Allowed for children over the age of 11
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Production company Magic Hour Films
Co-production Gebrueder Beetz, Proton CINEMA+THEATRE, Radiator Film ApS, Substans Film
With support from Det Danske Filminstitut
Domestic distribution DOXBIO


Direction Anders Østergaard
Direction Erzsébet Rácz
Assistant director Erzsébet Rácz


Screenplay Anders Østergaard
Screenplay Erzsébet Rácz


Producer Lise Lense-Møller
Co-producer Stefan Frost
Co-producer Henrik Underbjerg
Co-producer Christian Beetz
Co-producer Kristian Mosvold
Co-producer Eszter Gyárfás


Director of Photography Simon Plum


Editor Pernille Bech Christensen
Editor Szilvia Ruszev
Editor Réka Lemhényi


Music Stein Berge Svendsen


Sound designer Rikard Strømsodd
Sound designer Jørgen Bergsund
Sound designer Tormod Ringnes


Appearance Miklós Németh
Appearance Gundula Schafitel
Appearance Uta Koch
Appearance Mathias Rössler
Appearance Reinhard Schmied
Appearance Sándor Okányi
Appearance Erika Okányi

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