Lise Lense-Møller

(1957 – )

Producer. Born 31/10 1957. Lise Lense-Møller started out working as an assistant stage director. In the years 1978-81, she took various film classes at the National Film School of Denmark and left the theatre. She entered the film industry as a production and director''s assistant in the beginning of the 1980s and supplemented her film classes with a minor subject in English and later Anthropology Studies in 1987-89. After 1990, she has taken a number of international courses in scriptwriting and other film related subjects.

In 1984, she founded her first production company Lise Lense-Møller Film, which changed its name to Magic Hour Films Aps in 1995. Lise Lense-Møller''s first production was the documentary "Den skjulte virkelighed" (1988), followed by a couple of feature films, the Polish-Danish co-production "300 Miles to Heaven" (1989) and Morten Henriksen''s Tage Skou-Hansen adaptation "The Naked Trees" (1991).

Subsequently, Lense-Møller has primarily focused on producing shorts and documentaries. Among her key documentary productions are "Light, Darkness and Colours" (1998) about Goethe''s colour theory, "Can You Die in Heaven?" about a boy diagnosed with cancer, "Burma VJ" (2008) about undercover video journalists in Burma, "Into Eternity" (2010) about a Finnish nuclear waste storage, "The Visit" (2015), a sci-fi vision of man''s first encounter with intelligent life from space, and "Tuti a casa – Power to the People?" (2017) about the political protest movement Movimento in Italy. "Burma VJ" was Oscar-nominated for Best Documentary in 2010.

Lense-Møller has also produced several children''s films and short films, including "Oswald the Monkey" (2001), "Hands Up!" (1997), "Little Daddy" (2003) and "Op med humøret" (2005).

Lense-Møller has extensive experience in teaching, among others at the National Film School of Denmark and the University of Helsinki, European Film College. She has served as an expert and group leader at EAVE, a MEDIA programme facilitating post-education workshops for independent producers. She has been a board member at the National Film Board, (1990-93), Det Danske Filmstudie (1995-2003) and the Danish Producers Association (1997-2002, 2004-). She has worked as a translator and is co-author of the book "Litterære klassikere på film."

In 1992, Lense-Møller was awarded the talent award "Natsværmerprisen" for her "dedication, resilience, seriousness and an uncompromising commitment to quality films." In 2009, she and director Anders Østergaard received Danish documentary film''s prestigious annual award, the Roos Award, for their work on "Burma VJ".
Title Year Function Category
Afterwar 2024 Producer DK/Documentary
Journey to Utopia 2020 Producer DK/Documentary
Heartbound – a different kind of love story 2018 Producer DK/Documentary
Post Punk Disorder 2017 Co-producer Documentary
Tutti a casa - Power to The People? 2016 Producer DK/Documentary
Monalisa Story – A film about love, struggle and heroin 2016 Producer Documentary
The Visit 2015 Producer DK/Documentary
1989 2014 Producer DK/Documentary
The war campaign 2013 Producer DK/Documentary
Four Letters Apart - Children in the Age of ADHD 2013 Producer DK/Documentary
My Afghanistan - Life in the forbidden zone 2012 Producer DK/Documentary
Jag är min egen Dolly Parton 2011 Co-producer DK/Documentary
Pangpangbröder 2011 Associate producer Documentary
Sven & visdommen 2011 Supervising producer DK/Documentary
Into eternity 2010 Producer DK/Documentary
Final image 2009 Producer Documentary
Bananas! 2009 Co-producer DK/Documentary
Recipes for Disaster 2008 Producer Documentary
Burma VJ - reporting from a closed country 2008 Producer DK/Documentary
Going for Goal - the Homeless World Cup 2007 Production DK/Documentary
Min bror 2007 Production Documentary
On the way to paradise 2007 Producer DK/Documentary
I think - I see 2007 Producer DK/Documentary
Invitation from God 2006 Production DK/Documentary
I soldatens fodspor 2005 Producer DK/Documentary
Op med humøret 2005 Producer DK/Short fiction
Small Avalanches 2003 Production DK/Short fiction
With a right to kill 2003 Production DK/Documentary
Little Daddy 2003 Producer DK/Short fiction
Jeg husker... Fortællinger fra Grønland 2002 Production DK/Documentary
På Ama''r 2001 Production DK/Short fiction
Now, look at me 2001 Producer DK/Short fiction
The living word - part 3 2001 Producer DK/Documentary
Weiser 2001 Co-producer Feature
The Magnetist''s Fifth Winter 1999 Production, Producer DK/Feature
Light, darkness and colours 1998 Production DK/Documentary
The theory of everything 1998 Executive producer DK/Documentary
The anatomy of thought 1997 Production, Producer DK/Documentary
The liwing word - part 2 1997 Producer DK/Documentary
Du og jeg - fire børn og filosofi 1994 Producer DK/Documentary
Arne Treholt - a man and his destiny 1993 Producer DK/Documentary
The naked trees 1991 Executive producer DK/Feature
300 miles to heaven 1989 Production manager DK/Feature
Den skjulte virkelighed 1988 Production DK/Documentary
Tukuma 1984 Continuity, Production manager DK/Feature
Otto is a rhino 1983 Production DK/Feature
The thoughtless lover 1982 Assistant director DK/Feature
Felix 1982 Continuity DK/Feature
Cross My Heart 1982 Production assistant DK/Feature
Belladonna 1981 Production manager DK/Feature
The Circus Casablanca 1981 Production manager DK/Feature
Stab in the heart 1981 Production manager DK/Feature
A world full of children 1980 Production assistant DK/Feature
The moment 1980 Production assistant DK/Feature
Mirror, mirror 1978 Production assistant DK/Feature
Vandalism 1977 Runner DK/Feature
The Sky Above Zenica Producer DK/Documentary