Monalisa Story – A film about love, struggle and heroin

Jessica Nettelbladt, Sweden, 2016

89 min.Documentary

MonaLisa led a fairly ordinary life. She was a school teacher, who liked to write and sing songs, and she was a dedicated and loving mother of two small children.
Then suddenly, everything changed. MonaLisa sank into deep depression, lost her will to live and started self-medicating with heroin. Her world fell apart, her children moved to foster parents, and she lost everything dear to her and was left only with questions: How did it come to that and why? MonaLisa herself was born to a mother with an addiction, and as soon as she was out of post-natal care, she was institutionalized. Early memories burn inside her, and although she knows she is on a path to destruction, the pull of the drug that numbs her pain is just too strong.

After years of drug abuse, she meets Fredrik, a kindred soul, also marked by his upbringing. The odds are not in their favour, but they decide to put their faith in love. Together the set out to fight their addiction and to make their dreams of a normal, dignified life come true.
Basic information Credits
Original title Monalisa Story – A Film About Love, Struggle and Heroin
Danish title Monalisa Story – En film om kærlighed, kamp og heroin
Keywords Monalisa, Substance abuse, Drug addicts, Sweden
Director Jessica Nettelbladt
Producer Lise Lense-Møller, Cecilie Bjørnaraa
Editor Åsa Mossberg
Sound Tormod Ringnes
Composer Mattias Bärjed
Production country Sweden, Denmark
Dialogue language Swedish
Domestic distribution Danske Filminstitut, DOXBIO
Danish theatrical release 21.09.2016
Cinemas Aalborg – Biffen Nordkraft
Aarhus – Øst for Paradis
Albertslund – MusikTeatret Albertslund
Bagsværd – Bibliografen
Ballerup – Baltoppen Bio
Dragør – Dragør Bio
Ebeltoft – Store Bjørn
Esbjerg – Huset
Faaborg – Helios Teatret (Under ombygning)
Frederikshavn – Palads 1-2-3
Glostrup – Glostrup Bio
Glumsø – Glumsø Biografteater & Kulturhus
Helsingør – Cinema Center
Herlev – Herlev Teaterbio
Hillerød – Café Slotsbio
Hjørring – Lønstrup Café Bio
Holbæk – Kulturbiografen Frysehuset
Humlebæk – Humle Bio
Hvalsø – Hvalsø Bio
Ikast – Ikast Bio
Ishøj – Ishøj Bio
Kastrup – Kastrup Bio
Kerteminde – Kerteminde Kino
Kolding – Nicolai Bio
Korsør – Korsør Biografteater
København K – Grand Teatret
København N – Empire Bio
København V – Vester Vov Vov
København Ø – Park Bio
Maribo – Sognets Hus
Nuuk – Katuaq Bio
Nykøbing Mors – Bio Mors
Næstved – Bio Næstved
Odense – Café Biografen
Ringe – Ringe Bio (Under ombygning)
Roskilde – Kino Ro’s Torv
Ry – Ry Biograf
Rødovre – Kulturhuset Viften
Skals – DOXBIO Ulbjerg
Skanderborg – Kulturhuset Skanderborg
Skive – Cinema 3
Skælskør – Kosmorama Skælskør
Skørping – Kinorevuen
Slagelse – Panorama
Slangerup – Slangerup Bio
Svaneke – Cassiopeia Bio
Sønderborg – Sønderborghus
Valby – Valby Kino
Vig – Kulturhuset Vig Bio
Vordingborg – Biografcaféen
Online release 23.09.2016
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte
Danish rating Allowed for children over the age of 11
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Production company
Executive Producer Magic Hour Films
Co-production SVT, DR, NRK
With support from Film i Skåne, Svenska Filminstitutet, Det Danske Filminstitut, Norsk Filminstitutt, Nordisk Film & TV Fond, Filmcentrum Syd
Domestic distribution Danske Filminstitut, DOXBIO


Direction Jessica Nettelbladt


Producer Lise Lense-Møller
Executive producer Jessica Nettelbladt
Associate producer Pär Anders Bevmo
Producer Cecilie Bjørnaraa
Post-producton coordinator Jakob Schaumburg
Production assistant Kristoffer Barslund


Editor Åsa Mossberg
Off-ine editor Pär Anders Bevmo


Composer Mattias Bärjed

Production design

Creative consultant Michal Leszczylowski


Sound designer Tormod Ringnes
Sound mixer Tormod Ringnes
Sound Editing Karoline Fuglestad
Foley artist Erik S. Watland

Visual effects

Colourist Rune Felix Holm
Graphic design Jan Arndorff

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