Fredrik Gertten, Denmark, 2009

87 min.DK/Documentary

One third of the production price of the average banana is used simply to cover the cost of pesticides. All
over the world, banana plantation workers are suffering and dying from the effects of these pesticides. Juan Dominguez, a million-dollar personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles, is on his biggest case ever representing 12,000 Nicaraguan banana workers. Dole Food and Dow Chemicals are on trial. And history is about to be made.
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Original title Bananas!
Danish title Bananas!
Keywords , Working conditions, Trials, Bananas
Director Fredrik Gertten
Producer Margarete Jangård
Director of Photography Joseph Aguirre, Frank Pineda
Editor Jesper Osmund
Sound Martin Hennel
Composer Nathan Larson
Production country Denmark
Production companies WG Film, Magic Hour Films
Technical info color, Sound
Danish festival release 08.11.2009, Grand, CPH:DOX
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte
Danish rating Allowed for all


Production companies WG Film, Magic Hour Films


Direction Fredrik Gertten


Story Sara Bergfors
Story and research Sara Bergfors


Producer Margarete Jangård
Co-producer Bart Simpson
Co-producer Lise Lense-Møller
Executive producer Fredrik Gertten


Cinematography Joseph Aguirre
Cinematography Frank Pineda


Editing Jesper Osmund
Assistant editor Olivier Bugge Couté


Music Nathan Larson


Sound Martin Hennel

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