About The Danish Film Institute

The Danish Film Institute (DFI), a government institution under the Ministry of Culture, was established in its current form in 1997 by merging three existing government institutions: the Danish Film Institute, Statens Filmcentral and the Danish Film Museum.

The main purpose of the DFI is to promote film art, film culture and cinema culture in Denmark. Core tasks involve funding the production and development of films and their promotion and dissemination; preserving and providing access to the national film heritage; and providing classifications and advice on films and moving images.

Through its funding schemes, the DFI works to promote innovative cinema and talent development. Grants are also awarded for digital games. As a cornerstone of Danish film policy, at least 25% of the funding is earmarked for children and youth.

The DFI is located in Copenhagen, with film archives in Glostrup and Hillerød nearby. The building in Copenhagen houses a number of audience-oriented film activities, including the Cinematheque cinemas, a library, the FILM-X film studio, a café and the SULT restaurant.