Bergen boosts Nordic films

FESTIVAL. Nordisk Panorama is setting up in Bergen, Norway, welcoming the best in Nordic short and documentary films. Three Danish films are pitching in Nordisk Forum, and more than a dozen others are in competition.

74 films are in competition at Nordisk Panorama (24-29 September), taking place this year in the city of Bergen on Norway's scenic west coast.

IDFA winner pitches new film

Dedicated to showing a diverse selection of short and documentary films from the five Nordic countries Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland and Denmark, the festival is also a crucial meeting place for the industry with the Nordisk Forum cofinancing hub (27-28 September).

Among the three Danish films pitching at the Forum is Eva Mulvad's new project "The Good Life". Mulvad reached festival headlines for her 2006 documentary "Enemies of Happiness", winner at IDFA and Sundance, about the young Afghani politician Malalai Joya.

Director Mads Brügger, winning last year's best documentary award for "The Red Chapel" in Reykjavik, is in the Nordic Documentary Jury.

Danish films at Nordisk Panorama 2010

The selection of Danish films in the three competition programmes reflects the breadth of the Danish production and funding milieu. The list shows films by proven talents and companies, films springing from art schools, and films backed by talent funding programmes such as New Danish Screen and the DFI Filmworkshop:

Nordic Short Film

  • "Megaheavy" by Fenar Ahmad (DFI Filmworkshop)
  • "Berik" by Daniel Joseph Borgman (DFI Filmworkshop)
  • "The Coach" by Lars Kristian Mikkelsen (New Danish Screen)
  • "Tic Tic Boom" by Frida Matilda Barkfors (The National Film School)
  • "Two Friends" by Paw Charlie Ravn (The National Film School) 
  • "The Canary" by Trine Dam Ottosen (Edinburgh College of Art)
  • "Out of Love" by Birgitte Stærmose (New Danish Screen)
  • "White Tape" by Michal Kranot and Uri Kranot (The Animation Workshop) 
  • "Picnic" by Kasper Torsting (New Danish Screen)

Nordic Documentary

  • "Bogotá Change" by Andreas Møl Dalsgaard
  • "Into Eternity" by Michael Madsen
  • "Armadillo" by Janus Metz
  • "1989 (When I was Five Years Old)" by Thor Ochsner
  • "The Devilles" by Nicole N. Horanyi (New Danish Screen)
  • "Denied" by Aage Rais-Nordentoft

New Nordic Voices

  • "The Invention of Dr. Nakamats" by Kaspar Astrup Schröder (New Danish Screen)
  • "The Guest" by Henrik Malmgren (The Animation Workshop) 

Nordisk Forum

  • "Break of Dawn", Radiator Film
  • "Law of the Jungle", Radiator Film
  • "The Good Life", Danish Documentary

Nordisk Panorama – Five Cities Film Festival 24-29 September