Search for films, filmmakers, and companies (1998 - )

Search for films, filmmakers, and companies (1998 - )


/Danish films

Factsheets for a selection of Danish films, after 1997 and onward, supported with director and company profiles.

Feature films: Includes, with a few exceptions, all films with a theatrical release after 1998, and future releases.

Short and documentary films: Include a selection only, of future releases and titles released after 1998, all of which have an English festival version.

Director and company profiles: Director and company profiles are available for the films in the selection. Each profile includes a filmography. Each filmography lists films from the above mentioned selection, together with other feature films from the DFI database. Films released before 1998 will not link to a factsheet.

Alphabetization: In DFI indexes, where film titles begin with the definite or indefinite article, titles will be arranged according to the article (an, a, or the) and not the following word (noun). This facilitates comprehension for Internet readers who are not familiar with the language in question.

This database will gradually be updated with more film titles and profiles.

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