A century of Danish Cinema

PUBLICATION. If you are curious about Danish cinema, start perusing Danish film history, now available on dfi.dk. The work guides you through the silent era to the first decade of the new millennium—from escapism to social realism, from family comedies to the Dogme film, from mainstream to avant-garde, from action flicks to Danish docs.

This week dfi.dk launched Peter Schepelern's Danish Film History in English. So, if you're curious about Danish cinema, here is where to start. 

The overview embraces the dawn of filmmaking and exhibition in Denmark and takes us right up to the new millennium. It elaborates on the films of each decade, the tendencies and genres that dominate, the creative originators and the film political conditions and organizational structures under which these films were made.

Organized chronologically decade for decade, Danish Film History is embellished with images and filmposters. For the silent era, Denmark's Golden Age, you can see clips from various films, including some works by the great Danish master Carl Theodor Dreyer.

The author of Danish Film History, Peter Schepelern, is Associate Professor at Film & Media Studies, Copenhagen University.

The film titles and names in Danish Film History will soon link to a wealth of information contained in the upcoming English version of Denmark's National Filmography. The National Filmography on dfi.dk, with its information on some 10,000 films and 80,000 names, enjoys nearly 2,000 visitors daily.   

In the meantime, search for films and filmmakers in DFI resources at the links below:  

National Filmography(Danish)

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Carl Theodor Dreyer site in English