Cinema on the Road in Lebanon (2012-2016)

The Danish-Lebanese film initiative is bringing diverse film experiences to children and teens in cinemas, schools and refugee camps.

There is a great interest in strengthening the cinema culture for children and young people in Lebanon and exploring how to use film as a tool in processes concerning development, peace building and education.

The Cinema on the Road project focuses on film screenings and film literacy for children and young people in Lebanese cinemas and schools as well as in refugee camps, where Syrians are living in increasing numbers since the early years of the war in Syria.

In connection with the screenings of both Danish and international titles, children and teens are invited by Metropolis Art Cinema, adult volunteers from different NGO’s and Danish Embassy in Beirut to discuss and analyse the films' themes and reflect on their form and content. In 2015 a Training of Trainers workshop was held in Beirut lead by the Danish Film Institute.

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Charlotte Giese
Special Adviser
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