International projects

The Danish Film Institute’s Children & Youth Department recognises that film is one of the most powerful tools for conveying complex cultural and humanist messages in a globalized world. The institute therefore also believes in the importance of cross-border cooperation and innovation in the field of film education and cinema culture for next generations.

The Danish Film Institute’s Children & Youth Department has been involved in a number of international projects over the years. The focus has been diverse: 

  • Branding Danish film and film education
  • Exchanging strategies, methodologies and approaches
  • Development of content, platforms and resources with partners around the world
  • Innovation of new tools and practices with some of the key players in Europe 

The Danish Film Institute engages through consultancy, lectures and panel discussions, or through projects that are more substantial. Find below a list of some of our long-term programs. Currently Danish Film Institute focuses on European partnerships and networking. 

International cooperation is about sharing, learning and getting out of the comfort zone. The Danish Film Institute seeks inspiration and aim to stay tuned and engaged in the international dialogue.

International projects



Charlotte Giese
Special Adviser
Tel. +45 2332 9030