Filmlab: Palestine (2014-2018)

Palestine's first film workshop, Filmlab: Palestine in Ramallah, aims at developing a Palestinian film culture and industry.

Filmlab: Palestine is a meeting place for professional filmmakers as well as a platform for talent development offering workshops, coaching and access to equipment and post-production facilities.

Filmlab: Palestine also hosts a variety of programmes giving children opportunities to watch and produce their own films. Contributing to a local cinema culture, the filmlab organises public film screenings and debates – as well as the annual festival Days of Cinema which has been up and running since 2013.

In establishing Filmlab: Palestine, the Danish Film Institute and Aarhus Film Workshop have contributed with strategic knowledge and concrete experiences in cinema culture, film literacy and talent development.

The ongoing collaboration includes meetings, networking, masterclasses and talks organised by the Danish Film Institute in conjunction with Palestinian, Danish and other international key stakeholders.

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Filmlab: Palestine



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Filmlab: Palestine, founded by director Hanna Atallah


Charlotte Giese
Special Advisor, Children & Youth
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