FILM-Y (2008-2014)

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The mobile film studio FILM-Y offers children and young people in different places in the world a chance to experience the processes of filmmaking.

Finished project

A green Morris Minor along with film equipment and computers constitute the Danish Film Institute's mobile film studio FILM-Y, where children explore the creative, technical and collaborative processes of filmmaking.

During 3 hours they get hands-on experience in directing, acting in, shooting and editing their own film, where the Morris Minor, equipped with back projections, constitutes the main prop. Facilitators walk the children through the production progress, sharing practical and theoretical film knowledge.

FILM-Y is a mobile version of the FILM-X studio located at the Danish Film Institute’s Cinematheque in Copenhagen. Since FILM-X opened in 2002, there has been a great deal of interest, in Denmark and abroad, in this unique concept in film education. Consequently, the Danish Film Institute created a mobile version, FILM-Y, containing the essence of the studio in Copenhagen. Since 2015 the studio is permanently located in the Cinematheque.

Meanwhile the FILM-X team, in 2018, is developing a new technological platform which hopefully will allow new partners/organizations/venues to establish similar studios elsewhere.

Riga, Cluj-Napoca in Transylvania, Brussels, Damascus and London are among the cities visited by FILM-Y.

Watch videos from FILM-Y

 Interview, FILM-Y in Riga, April 2014

"Stop in The Forest". FILM-Y in Riga, April 2014

Stopmotion. FILM-Y in Riga, April 2014

"The Car Chase". FILM-Y in Brussels, march 2012. 

"The Duckling". FILM-Y in Brussels, march 2012.

"The Car Chase". Damaskus, 2011.



Finished (2008-2014)

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