Film: A Language without Borders 2018-

Is film a powerful tool for integration and shared experience in classrooms in migration societies? The Danish Film Institute aims to find out, in partnership with the BFI and Vision Kino in Germany – and supported by EU's Creative Europe.

The project aims to understand how film can enable children and young people in schools to share, discuss and exchange understandings of different societies and cultures in ways unique to cinema. The BFI, Vision Kino and the Danish Film Institute share the vision of film's potential in education, and they are curious to develop the best model for using film in migrant integration.

Film is a language without borders, which travels easily and attracts audiences, tells stories and stimulates co-creation across nationalities, ages, gender and life experiences. At the same time, the countries of Europe share a commitment for groups of migrants and refugees coming as a result of social, cultural, economic and political change.

In Denmark, United Kingdom and Germany the following takes place in 2018:

  • Screening of European feature films and short films – in cinemas and online
  • Development of a basic ressource guide for how to use film for shared experiences
  • Development of individual study guides for all the films
  • Evaluation and sharing of findings at international conferences
  • Translation of the ressource guides into other European languages for countries with high levels of immigration



Running in

Vision Kino, Germany
Danish Film Institute


Charlotte Giese
Special Advisor, Children & Youth
Tel. +45 2332 9030