A Framework for Film Education (2014-2015)

Foto: BFI.
The project was launched during 2014-15 to support the efforts to appropriately recognise the immense importance of film in European educational systems and practices.

A number of the same key persons/organisations around this project has now joined forces again in a new EU funded project: Film Education: From Framework to Impact.

Finished project

A Framework for Film Education, supported by CREATIVE EUROPE, was created by 25 film education practitioners, drawn from national agencies, Cinematheques, universities, NGOs, schools and industry-funded bodies in 20 countries across Europe.

The projects seeks to consolidate a body of theory, practices and principles behind various European film education activities, to simplify and make it coherent, in pursuit of an overarching aim:

To inspire and equip people across europe to be able to enjoy, understand, create, explore and share film in all its forms throughout their lives.

Organisation and partners

Mark Reid, British Film Institute (BFI)
Ian Wall, The Film Space
Sarah Duve, Vision Kino
Caren Willig, freelance

Nuria Aidelman and Montserrat Planella Serra, A Bao a Qu, Barcelona; Laura Orlescu and Yvonne Irimescu, Active Watch, Romania; Alejandro Bachmann, Austrian Film Museum; Michelle Cannon, CEMP, Bournemouth; Nathalie Bourgeois, Cinematheque Francaise; Scott Donaldson, Creative Scotland; Orestis Tringides, Cyprus Community Media Centre; Pavel Bednarik, Czech National Film Archive; Martin Brandt-Pedersen, Danish Film Institute; Laszlo Hartai and Anette Hilbert, Hungarian Moving Image and Media Education Association; Alicia McGivern, Irish Film Institute; Maria Leonida and Menis Theodoridis, Karpos, Greece; Petra Slatinsek, Kinodvor, Slovenia; Ginte Zulyte, Meno Avilys, Lithuania; Bernard McCloskey, Northern Ireland Screen; Agata Sotomska, Polish Film Institute; Per Eriksson and Kaly Halkawt, Swedish Film Institute; Vitor Reia-Baptista, University of the Algarve; Lidia Peralta Garcia and Marta Portales Oliva, University Autonoma Barcelona; Simone Moraldi, University of Roma Tre; Sabine Genz, Michael Jahn and Elena Solte, Vision Kino, Germany.


Finished (2014-2015)

Core organisations
British Film Institute (BFI)
The Film Space
Vision Kino


Charlotte Giese
Special Adviser
Tel. +45 2332 9030