Film Education: From Framework to Impact 2019-

Foto: Robin Skjoldborg
The project aims to devise a practical approach to film education that can be used across Europe.

The quality of young people’s experience of cinema and their ability to engage creatively with the moving image depends on the quality of teaching, resources and film education infrastructure available to them.  

The project, supported by CREATIVE EUROPE, aims to establish the conditions for the highest possible quality of film education practice, developed equally across Europe.

The main objectives are to find good practices of high quality film education, to share expertise from most to least experienced practitioners, agencies and countries, to empower film education professionals by giving them access to training and resources, and to draft realistic but robust goals for film education which can be tested and evaluated.

Core partners

British Film Institute (BFI), Danish Film Institute, Vision Kino, Cinematheque Francaise.

Framework expert groups

Core partners + Karpos (Greece); Meno Avilys (Lithuania); Cineteca Italiana and Cineteca Bologna (Italy); MIMEA (Hungary); Cinematheque Royale de Belgique; A Bao a Qu (Spain); University of the Algarve.  

Regional Partners

Romanian, Slovenian, Greek and Estonian Film Centres.





Charlotte Giese
Special Adviser
Tel. +45 2332 9030