Danica Curcic honoured at CPH PIX

AWARD. On Wednesday, 8 April, at the opening of CPH PIX, the annual Nordisk Film Prize was presented to actress Danica Curcic who has previously won several awards for her work in Danish film.

With major roles in no less than four feature films ("Silent Heart," "On the Edge," "The Absent One" and "All Inclusive"), winner of both a Robert and a Bodil Award and selected as a Shooting Star at the Berlinale in 2014, Danica Curcic has kept busy the past year.

On Wednesday evening, 8 April, Curcic was once again in the spotlight, as she recieved – as the first actor ever – the Nordisk Film Prize at the opening of Denmark's largest feature film festival, CPH PIX. Danish director and member of the prize committee, Michael Noer, presented the award to Curcic with the following statement:

"She is completely unique in her approach to a role. She leaps headlong into creating the character, making herself totally available, without compromising or losing the core of the person. There is a reason why she is so busy, but when we are with her in the darkness of the cinema, time stands still."

The Nordisk Film Prize

The Nordisk Film Prize was founded in 1996 by the Nordisk Film Foundation and is awarded to an extraordinary talent in Danish film. The prize is accompanied by DKK 1000 x the production company's age (this year DKK 109,000, which is approximately EUR 15,000).

Previous recipients include screenwriters and directors such as Lars von Trier and Anders Thomas Jensen. For the first time this year, the prize went to an acting talent.