Danish HBO series to world premiere at Series Mania

PREMIERE. Europe's biggest TV festival, Series Mania, will feature the world premiere of 'Kamikaze', the first Danish original from HBO. The fiction series is selected for the International Competition.

The Danish serial 'Kamikaze' from production company Profile Pictures is set for its world release at the prestigious TV festival Series Mania, kicking off in Lille, France, from 26 August. The drama series will be premiering in the International Competition.

As the first ever Danish series from HBO, 'Kamikaze' is written by Johanne Algren and based on Erlend Loe's novel 'Muleum'. Kaspar Munk has directed, with the original idea by Annette K. Olesen.

'Kamikaze' tells the story of Julie, an 18-year-old who has what others can only dream of: youth, beauty and money. However, shortly after her 18th birthday, both her parents and her brother are killed in a plane crash in Rwanda. Julie is left behind in an enormous palace with two expensive cars in the garage. Soon, she realises she must begin an existential battle to regain life.

About Series Mania

Series Mania is one of the most prominent festivals for TV series. The event takes place in Lille and attracts audiences and industry delegates from all over the world.

Previous Danish series at the festival include the Netflix series 'The Rain', 'Warrior', 'The Bridge' season 4, 'Pros and Cons' and most recently 'Cry Wolf'.

Series Mania 2021 runs from 26 August to 2 September. See more at seriesmania.com.

Julie is played by the young talent Marie Reuther, who takes on her first lead role after appearing in a series of short films. She is joined by, among others, Charlotte Munck ('The War', 'The Investigation') and Swedish Johan Rheborg ('My Life as a Comedian', 'Solsidan') as Julie's parents and Mads Reuther ('Into the Darkness') playing Julie's brother. Anders Matthesen ('Checkered Ninja') plays Julie's psychologist, Psyko-Bo.

'Kamikaze' is one of the eight series in the main competition line-up. The drama series' first four episodes will be screening on 31 August. See more on the festival's website, seriesmania.com.

Additionally, Profile Pictures is represented at Series Mania with 'Small Claims Court', selected for the Short Forms Competition. The series by Jens Dahl is enjoying its French premiere following its January release in Denmark. The Danish Film Institute has backed through its talent scheme New Danish Screen.

The team behind 'Kamikaze'

Johanne Algren made her debut as a screenwriter with 'Holiday', which she wrote with director Isabella Eklöf. The film was selected for a number of international festivals, including Sundance, London and Göteborg. The film received two awards at Austin Fantastic Film Fest, including for best film in the Next Wave series, and was named best film at the Danish film critics' annual Bodil awards.

Kaspar Munk has directed a number of TV series, including the Emmy winner 'Ride Upon the Storm' and 'Follow the Money' season 2. He is also behind youth films such as 'Wildwitch', 'You & Me Forever' and 'Hold Me Tight'.

The series is produced by Ditte Milsted for Profile Pictures with support from the Public Service Fund, which supports Danish TV dramas and TV documentaries on commercial channels.