Facts & Figures 2020 including data on gender

PUBLICATION. Six Danish features landed on the local top 20 in 2019, with the domestic market share finishing at 27%. Find these facts and more information in our annual survey on film production and distribution in Denmark, including data on gender.

Which films were supported in 2019, how many tickets were sold to Danish films, and how has the market shares for Danish, American and European films developed over the past five years?

Now available online is 'Facts & Figures 2020', the Danish Film Institute's annual publication presenting statistical information on film production and distribution in Denmark in 2019.

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In 2019, the domestic market share landed at 27%. The year saw the release of 23 Danish feature films, equivalent to a share of 13% of all theatrical releases. Among the six Danish titles to land on the top 20, three had women directors: 'Hunting Season' by Tilde Harkamp, 'Queen of Hearts' by May el-Toukhy and 'Out of Tune' by Frederikke Aspöck.

In funding, 20 features films and 26 documentaries were supported for production, while the scheme for public service content granted support for 12 drama and 11 documentary projects.

New data – on gender

As a new feature this year, the publication includes a focus on gender.

The information shows a selection of data from the Danish Film Institute's regular surveys monitoring the gender distribution of applicants and recipients of funding over a five-year perspective.

The data forms a basis for potential targeted initiatives, helping to identify gender disparity and removing barriers in the assessment process.