Four Danish Titles at IDFA Forum

IDFA FORUM 2013. Eva Mulvad, Nicole Nielsen Horanyi, Lise Birk Pedersen and Trine Laier are bringing their new projects to IDFA Forum, the essential breeding ground for new documentaries at the IDFA film festival in Amsterdam.

"A Modern Man"

Charlie Siem, 27, is a "rock star" classical musician with three critically acclaimed albums to his name. He is part of the international jet set and an established solo violinist, but not too snobbish to play stadium concerts with pop stars such as Cliff Richard and Bryan Adams, and to attend private parties at Lady Gaga's residence, in order to reach an audience far beyond those who already know their Brahms and Schubert by heart. A style that has given him a lot of publicity but also made him a controversial figure in the conservative world of classical music.

Director Eva Mulvad ("The Good Life")
Producer Sigrid Dyekjær for Danish Documentary Production
IDFA Forum Central Pitch


"Cosmic Top Secret Experience"

The focal point in this animated autobiographical documentary game is the character "T" who is searching for answers about her father and his work for the Danish intelligence during the Cold War. Finally she wants to know the hidden truth about her own family history. The project is being developed as an interactive narrative with game elements for tablets and accompanying material in the form of apps and webisodes. The project is based on the director's 2012 graduation project from the National Film School of Denmark.

Director Trine Laier
Producer Lise Saxtrup for Klassefilm
IDFA Forum Round Table


"Afghan Justice"

Kimberley Motley has left her husband and three kids in the US in order to work as a defense lawyer in Kabul, Afghanistan. She is the only foreign lawyer, not to mention the only woman, who has a license to work in Afghan courts. What was initially a financially driven personal decision has quickly developed into an obligation towards the underdeveloped Afghan legal system. But time is running out. Nobody knows what will happen in Afghanistan when the international troops leave. Or when the risk will be too high for Kimberley to stay and continue her work for justice?

Director Nicole Nielsen Horanyi  ("Au Pair")
Producer Helle Faber for Made in Copenhagen
IDFA Forum Central Pitch


"School of Democracy"

For many years, Italy has suffered from a dysfunctional government and widespread corruption. Enter Italian comedian, Beppe Grillo. His protest movement, Movimento, sets out to revolutionize the political system from within. In February 2013, he won 25% of the Italian vote and sent 163 new and completely inexperienced senators to Parliament. The vote tipped the balance between left and right and Grillo's movement gained a potentially crucial role in relation to the future of Italy and Europe. But what happens when ideals meet political reality?

Director Lise Birk Pedersen ("Putin's Kiss")
Producer Lise Lense-Møller for Magic Hour Films
IDFA Forum Round Table