Eva Mulvad

(1972 – )

Graduated from the National Film School of Denmark in 2001. Director of documentaries for DR TV since 1997.

Mulvad got her breakthrough with 'Enemies of Happiness' (2006), which won IDFA Amsterdam's Silver Wolf Award and the World Cinema Jury Prize at Sundance. Her follow up documentary feature 'The Good Life' (2010) was selected for the Feature-length Competition at IDFA and also selected for HotDocs, Tribeca and San Francisco Film Festivals. In 2011, 'The Good Life' was awarded Best Documentary Film over 30 minutes long in Karlovy Vary, and in Denmark Mulvad received The Roos Award.

She has since directed films such as 'The Samurai Case' (2011), 'The Castle' (2014) as well as 'A Modern Man' (2017), which was nominated for the NORDIC:DOX award at CPH:DOX, and 'Cherry Tale' (2019), which also premiered at CPH:DOX. In 2019 Mulvad directed 'Love Child', which was selected for Toronto Film Festival.

Mulvad won the 2006 WIFT (Women in Film and TV) award for young film talents as well as DFI's documentary award, Roos Prisen, in 2011. She is the co-owner of the acclaimed production company Danish Documentary Production.
Title Year Function Category
The Monk 2023 Consultant DK/Documentary
Cash 2022 Direction, Producer, Cinematographer, Screenplay, Executive producer Series (documentary)
Cash 2022 Direction, Screenplay, Producer, Cinematographer, Executive producer Series (documentary)
Cash 2022 Direction, Producer, Screenplay, Cinematographer, Executive producer Series (documentary)
Cash 2022 Direction, Screenplay, Producer, Cinematographer, Executive producer Series (documentary)
Cash 2022 Direction, Screenplay, Producer, Cinematographer, Executive producer Series (documentary)
Apolonia, Apolonia 2022 Executive producer DK/Documentary
Music for Black Pigeons 2022 Editing supervisor DK/Documentary
Innocence 2022 Executive producer DK/Documentary
From the Wild Sea 2021 Consultant DK/Documentary
Solutions 2021 Executive producer DK/Documentary
The cars we drove into capitalism 2021 Executive producer Documentary
The Fight for Greenland 2020 Consultant DK/Documentary
I Walk 2020 Executive producer DK/Documentary
Scandinavian Star (overview) 2020 Executive producer Series (documentary)
Scandinavian Star 2:6 - The Disaster 2020 Executive producer Series (documentary)
Scandinavian Star 1:6 2020 Executive producer Series (documentary)
Cherry Tale 2019 Direction, Screenplay, Cinematographer, Executive producer DK/Documentary
Love Child 2019 Direction, Cinematographer, Screenplay, Executive producer DK/Documentary
Reunited 2019 Consultant DK/Documentary
The Cave 2019 Executive producer DK/Documentary
Hunting for Hedonia 2019 Executive producer DK/Documentary
School of Seduction 2019 Executive producer DK/Documentary
Aquarela 2018 Production DK/Documentary
A Modern Man 2017 Direction, Cinematographer DK/Documentary
Den anden side 2017 Executive producer DK/Documentary
A Year of Hope 2017 Executive producer DK/Documentary
Slottet 2014 Direction, Screenplay, Cinematographer DK/Documentary
The Newsroom - Off the Record 2014 Executive producer DK/Documentary
The Sunfish 2014 Editing supervisor DK/Feature
Good Things Await 2014 Executive producer DK/Documentary
Ai Weiwei The Fake Case 2013 Executive producer DK/Documentary
Kidd life 2012 Editing supervisor DK/Documentary
The Good Life 2011 Direction, Cinematography DK/Documentary
Med døden til følge 2011 Direction, First assistant camera DK/Documentary
Ballroom Dancer 2011 Executive producer DK/Documentary
Love addict - historier om drømme, besættelse og længsel 2011 Executive producer DK/Documentary
Roskilde 2008 Co-director DK/Documentary
One Day 2007 Consultant DK/Documentary
Enemies of Happiness 2006 Direction, Stills DK/Documentary
Kolonien 2006 Direction, Script, Stills, Sound DK/Documentary
In between 2001 Direction DK/Short fiction