Guy Davidi, Denmark, 2022

101 min.DK/Documentary

Making a war is a storyteller’s job. A good story is crucial to legitimize the use of military force. That’s why militaries need strong promotion and Israel is a model country in promoting its military ventures. Our history as persecuted Jews, and our enlightened democracy are both in use in our solid PR kit. But before pitching our story to the world, we need to pitch it to our children. As moral corruption linked with apartheid thrives, avoiding military service becomes a threat. For some children we’ll offer benefits, for most we’ll sell fictitious promises. Every child is screened to serve with bearable pressure and an adjusted amount of exposure to violence. ‘Innocence’ tells the story of children who resisted to be enlisted but capitulated. Their stories were never told as they died during their service.
Basic information Credits
Original title Innocence
Danish title Uskyld
Keywords Israel, Military service, Liable for military service, Soldiers, Suicide, 2010-2019, 2020-2030
Director Guy Davidi
Producer Sigrid Jonsson Dyekjær, Hilla Medailla
Director of Photography Avner Shahaf, Guy Davidi
Editor Guy Davidi
Sound Heikki Kossi
Composer Snorri Hallgrimsson
Production country Denmark
Danish subtitles Yes
International sales Autlook Filmsales
Danish theatrical release 28.09.2023
Online release 04.04.2024, Filmcentralen
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte
Danish rating Allowed for children over the age of 11
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Production company Danish Documentary Production, Medalia Productions
Co-production Making Movies, Saga Film, Guy DVD Films, Real Lava
With support from Det Danske Filminstitut, Creative Europe, Channel 8, The New Fund for Cinema and TV, Nordisk Film & TV Fond, AVEK, The Icelandic Film Centre, Asia Screen Pacific Awards


Direction Guy Davidi


Producer Sigrid Jonsson Dyekjær
Producer Hilla Medailla
Co-producer Kaarle Aho
Co-producer Margret Jonasdottir
Executive producer Rinat Klein
Executive producer Dorit Hasse
Executive producer Eva Mulvad
Executive producer Mikala Krogh
Executive producer Pernille Rose Grønkjær
Line producer Mariel Ostrower


Director of Photography Avner Shahaf
Director of Photography Guy Davidi
Drone operator Amir Terkel
Drone operator Avner Shahaf


B-editor Maja Friis
Editor Guy Davidi
Consultant Molly Steensgaard
Consultant Joelle Alexis
Consultant Thomas Papapetros
Consultant Sharon Yaish


Composer Snorri Hallgrimsson


Sound designer Heikki Kossi
Recording engineer Tully Chen

Visual effects

Colorist Anders Vadgaard Christensen
Graphic design Torsten Høgh Rasmussen


Narrator Ron Adler
Narrator Doron Assaf
Narrator Rotem Shapira
Narrator Ofer Weisburt
Narrator Yogev Yechieli

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