Sigrid Jonsson Dyekjær

(1969 – )

Producer. Born 28/9 1969. Studied Dramaturgy at Aarhus University and was a part of the advertising agency Young & Rubicam before entering the film industry.

During the years Dyekjær has produced a great number of documentaries and received several awards. Dyekjær''s documentary feature debut ''Detour to Freedom'' (2001) was selected for IDFA. ''The Monastery'' (2006) by Pernille Rose Grønkjær won the main prize at IDFA as well as 80 prizes all over the world. ''The Good Life'' (2011) by Eva Mulvad won the award for best long documentary at Karlovy Vary and ''Ballroom Dancer'' (2011) won the prize for best new documentary director and a special jury mention at Tribeca.

''A Year of Hope'' (2017) by Mikala Krogh was selected for IDFA. ''Love Child'' (2019) by Eva Mulvad was selected for Toronto Film Festival. Hanna Polak''s ''Something Better to Come'' (2014) won a number of international awards, including a Special Jury Award at IDFA. ''The Cave'' (2019) by Feras Fayyad won the audience award for documentaries at Toronto Film Festival, was nominated for an Oscar and won two Emmy Awards.

Dyekjær has also been behind a number of international co-productions such as Ulrich Seidl''s ''Safari'' (2017), which premiered at London Film Festival, and Victor Kossakovsky''s ''Aquarela'' (2018), which was selected for Venice Film Festival.

In 2007 she became co-owner of the productions and distribution company Danish Documentary Production A/S.
Title Year Function Category
Under the Sky of Damascus 2023 Producer DK/Documentary
Innocence 2022 Producer DK/Documentary
Apolonia, Apolonia 2022 Executive producer DK/Documentary
Music for Black Pigeons 2022 Associate producer DK/Documentary
The cars we drove into capitalism 2021 Co-producer, Executive producer Documentary
Solutions 2021 Executive producer DK/Documentary
I Walk 2020 Producer, Executive producer DK/Documentary
Little Galaxies 2020 Producer DK/Documentary
The Missing Films 2020 Producer DK/Documentary
Scandinavian Star (overview) 2020 Producer, Executive producer Series (documentary)
Scandinavian Star 2:6 - The Disaster 2020 Producer, Executive producer Series (documentary)
Scandinavian Star 1:6 2020 Producer, Executive producer Series (documentary)
Cherry Tale 2019 Producer, Executive producer DK/Documentary
Hunting for Hedonia 2019 Producer, Executive producer DK/Documentary
School of Seduction 2019 Producer, Executive producer DK/Documentary
Love Child 2019 Producer, Executive producer DK/Documentary
The Cave 2019 Producer, Executive producer DK/Documentary
The Kingmaker 2019 Co-producer Documentary
Aquarela 2018 Producer DK/Documentary
Safari 2017 Co-producer Documentary
A Modern Man 2017 Producer DK/Documentary
Den anden side 2017 Producer, Executive producer DK/Documentary
A Year of Hope 2017 Producer DK/Documentary
...When You Look Away 2017 Producer: development DK/Documentary
Amateurs in Space 2016 Producer DK/Documentary
BUGS 2016 Producer DK/Documentary
Man Falling 2015 Producer DK/Documentary
Slottet 2014 Producer DK/Documentary
The Newsroom - Off the Record 2014 Producer, Executive producer DK/Documentary
Yula''s Dream 2014 Producer DK/Documentary
Good Things Await 2014 Executive producer DK/Documentary
Ai Weiwei The Fake Case 2013 Executive producer DK/Documentary
Breathing 2013 Co-producer DK/Documentary
Free the Mind 2012 Producer DK/Documentary
One Day at a Time 2012 Producer DK/Documentary
Kongens foged - sat på gaden 2012 Producer DK/Documentary
The Good Life 2011 Producer DK/Documentary
Love addict - historier om drømme, besættelse og længsel 2011 Producer, Executive producer DK/Documentary
Ballroom Dancer 2011 Executive producer, Executive producer DK/Documentary
Svend 2011 Producer DK/Documentary
The Home Front 2010 Producer DK/Documentary
Cairo garbage 2009 Producer DK/Documentary
Everything is Relative 2008 Creative supervisor DK/Documentary
Facing changes 2008 Producer Documentary
Gaven 2008 Producer DK/Feature
Mechanical Love 2007 Producer DK/Documentary
Daisy Diamond 2007 Producer DK/Feature
Happy go lucky 2006 Producer DK/Documentary
Beths dagbog 2006 Producer DK/Documentary
The monastery 2006 Producer DK/Documentary
Snart kommer tiden 2006 Producer DK/Short fiction
Freeway 2005 Producer DK/Documentary
Accused 2005 Assistant director DK/Feature
Min morfars morder - en film om tilgivelse 2004 Producer DK/Documentary
Magten over kærligheden 2004 Producer DK/Documentary
John and Mia 2002 Producer DK/Short fiction
Livsforsikringen 2002 Producer DK/Short fiction
Omveje til frihed 2001 Producer DK/Documentary