Music for Black Pigeons

Andreas Koefoed, Jørgen Leth, Denmark, 2022

92 min.DK/DocumentaryMusic films

How does it feel to play? What does it mean to listen? As Director Jørgen Leth poses existential questions to the musicians, long pauses occur. Because is it even possible to put the emotions of music into words? The film is a cinematic improvisation piece. It’s about being present in the now, about playing and improvising, about carrying on the legacy of generations of jazz pioneers and creating something, unlike anything you’ve ever heard before.
Basic information Credits
Original title Music for Black Pigeons
Danish title Music for Black Pigeons
Keywords Music, Musicians, Jazz, Jazz musicians, Bro, Jakob, 2000-2009, 2010-2019, 2020-2030
Director Andreas Koefoed, Jørgen Leth
Screenplay Jørgen Leth, Andreas Koefoed, Adam Nielsen
Producer Emile Hertling Péronard
Director of Photography Adam Michael Jandrup, Andreas Koefoed, Dan Holmberg
Editor Adam Nielsen
Sound Peter Albrechtsen
Production country Denmark
Danish subtitles Yes
Domestic distribution Camera Film
International sales Rise and Shine World Sales
Danish theatrical release 26.01.2023
Online release 05.09.2023, Filmcentralen
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company Ánorâk Film Denmark ApS
Executive Producer Ánorâk Film
Domestic distribution Camera Film


Direction Andreas Koefoed
Direction Jørgen Leth


Screenplay Jørgen Leth
Screenplay Andreas Koefoed
Screenplay Adam Nielsen


Producer Emile Hertling Péronard
Executive producer Andreas Koefoed
Executive producer Inuk Silis Høegh
Associate producer Sune Blicher
Associate producer Marianne Christensen
Associate producer Sigrid Jonsson Dyekjær
Post-production manager Anders V. Christensen
Production Jakob Søvndal Skovaa
Production Sirí Paulsen


Cinematographer Adam Michael Jandrup
Cinematographer Andreas Koefoed
Cinematographer Dan Holmberg
Cinematographer: Additional shoot Fletcher Wolfe
Cinematographer: Additional shoot Ethan Palmer
Cinematographer: Additional shoot Inuk Silis Høegh
Cinematographer: Additional shoot Arseni Khachaturan
Cinematographer: Additional shoot Petter Ringbom
Cinematographer: Additional shoot Brian Curt Petersen
Cinematographer: Additional shoot Danielle Bernstein
Cinematographer: Additional shoot Henrik Bohn Ipsen
Cinematographer: Additional shoot Sune Blicher
Cinematographer: Additional shoot Emile Hertling Péronard


Still photographer Inuuteq Storch
Still photographer Ethan Palmer
Still photographer Lasse Bech Martinussen
Still photographer Petra Kleis


Editor Adam Nielsen
Editing supervisor Tobias Lindholm
Editing supervisor Eva Mulvad
Editing supervisor Camilla Skousen


Sound designer Peter Albrechtsen
Recording engineer Skúli Helgi
Recording engineer Malik Kleist
Recording engineer Jón McBirnie
Recording engineer Kasper Janus Rasmussen
Recording engineer Kristian Leth
Recording engineer Claudia Engelhart
Mixer Peter Albrechtsen
Mixer Lars Halvorsen
Dialogue editor Javier Quesada
Sound effect editor Thomas Perez-Pape
Sound effect editor Mikkel Nielsen
Additional sound David Barber
Foley artist Céline Bernard
Foley recordist Stijn Norga

Visual effects

Colorist Anders V. Christensen
Online Elliott Bechaeu
VFX Martin Munck Schmidt

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