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Peter Albrechtsen

Sound designer, music supervisor and writer. Born 3/7 1976, Denmark. Educated in sound at the National Film School of Denmark, 2001.

Peter Albrechtsen grew up in a home with a piano, classical music and Beatles records. He played classical piano from childhood and in rock bands as a teenager.

Albrechtsen went to the European Film College in 1995-96, where he discovered his passion for film sound. At the college, he also met director Christina Rosendahl with whom he has worked together with ever since. His first feature length film was Rosendahl's documentary "Stargazer" (2002).

As a sound designer on numerous features, he has made notice with, among others, Simon Staho's "Day and Night" (2003), Kaspar Munk's "You & Me Forever" (2012), Fenar Ahmad's "Flow" (2014) and Bo Mikkelsen's "What We Become" (2016), for all of which he was nominated for a Robert Award for Best Sound. Furthermore, he's worked as a sound effect editor on large-scale features like Lars von Trier's "Antichrist" (2009) and Niels Arden Oplev's "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" (2009).

In 2016, he received both a Robert Award and a Special Bodil Award and was rewarded by the Danish Arts Foundaton for his sound design on Christina Rosendahl's "The Idealist".

Albrechtsen has been equally active working on both Danish and international documentaries. Highlights include festival favorites like Lise Birk Pedersen's "Putin's Kiss" (2012), Lauren Greenfield's "The Queen of Versailles" (2012), Bill Morrison's "The Miners' Hymns" (2010), Katja Gauriloff's "Canned Dreams" (2011), David Alvarado and Jason Sussbergs "Bill Nye: Science Guy", which he mixed at George Lucas's Skywalker Ranch in Californien, and Michael Madsen's "The Visit", which was specially selected to IDFA in 2015 because of its soundtrack. In 2012, he received CPH:DOX' Sonic Dox Award for his work on Camilla Magid's "White Black Boy".

Throughout the years, Peter Albrechtsen has worked on several international productions. Among the most renowned are Juho Kuosmanen's Finnish "The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Mäki," winner of Un Certain Regard in the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, Ralitza Petrova's Bulgarian "Godless," winner of the Golden Leopard at the 2016 Locarno International Film Festival plus several other awards, and Pål Sletaune's "Babycall," winner of the Norwegian Amanda Award for Best Sound in 2012. In 2017, he contributed with supplementary sound effects to Christopher Nolan's "Dunkirk" and Joachim Trier's "Thelma".

In addition to his film production work, Peter Albrechtsen is a diligent and passionate communicator of his craft. He has taught at the National Film School of of Denmark, Sonic College in Haderslev and The Animation Workshop in Viborg and given talks about film sound at IDFA in Amsterdam, Doc House in London, South by Southwest in Texas and Ambulante in Colombia. He has worked as a music writer and critic, film sound columnist, radio host and sound designer on radio features and columnist.

Filmography Awards Festivals
Title Year Function Category
Slette omstændigheder 2018 Lyd DK/Documentary
False Confessions 2018 Lyddesign DK/Documentary
Vildheks 2018 Lyddesign DK/Feature
Cutterhead 2018 Lydmix DK/Feature
Land of the Free 2017 Lyddesign DK/Documentary
QEDA 2017 Lyddesign, Lydmix DK/Feature
Underverden 2017 Lyddesign DK/Feature
Hjertestart 2017 Lyddesign og mix Feature
Vold i kærlighedens navn 2017 Lyddesign DK/Documentary
The Distant Barking of Dogs 2017 Lyddesign og mix DK/Documentary
Den anden side 2017 Lyd DK/Documentary
Dan Dream 2017 Lydkonsulent DK/Feature
Vi er Kirsten Jensen 2016 Sound TV documentary
Sorgenfri 2016 Lyddesign, Musik-supervisor DK/Feature
The Model 2016 Lyddesign, Lydmix DK/Feature
Tutti a casa - Al magt til folket? 2016 Lyddesign DK/Documentary
Vi er Jens Jensen 2016 Lyddesign TV documentary
Swinger 2016 Musik-supervisor, Lyddesign, Lydmix DK/Feature
Godless 2016 Lyddesign, Lydmix Feature
Idealisten 2015 Lyddesign DK/Feature
Fremtidsvej 2015 Lyddesign DK/Documentary
Bjerget 2015 Lyddesign Feature
Looking for Exits: Conversations with a Wingsuit Artist 2015 Lyddesign DK/Documentary
Cool Cats 2015 Lyddesign DK/Documentary
Besøget 2015 Lyd DK/Documentary
Mother's Wish 2015 Lyddesign Documentary
Lang historie kort 2015 Musikkonsulent DK/Feature
Kulturkatedraler: Halden fængsel 2014 Lyddesign DK/Documentary
Våbenbrødre 2014 Musik-supervisor DK/Short fiction
Det korte liv 2014 Lyddesign, Lydmix DK/Short fiction
Tidsrejsen 2014 Lyddesign TV series
Fægtemesteren 2014 Lyddesign DK/Documentary
Chikara - Sumobryderens Søn 2014 Lyddesign DK/Documentary
Ækte vare 2014 Lyddesign, Mixer DK/Feature
Dannys dommedag 2014 Lyddesign, Lydmix DK/Feature
Baby 2014 Lyddesign DK/Short fiction
Lovebirds 2014 Lyd, Musik DK/Documentary
Våbensmuglingen 2014 Tonemester DK/Documentary
Søn 2014 Lyddesign, Lydmix DK/Short fiction
Klumpfisken 2014 Musik-supervisor DK/Feature
Mobbet 2014 Lyd DK/Documentary
Borislav 2014 Lyddesign-konsulent DK/Short fiction
Once Upon a Candle 2014 Lyddesign-konsulent DK/Short fiction
Unimagined Friends 2014 Lyddesign-konsulent DK/Short fiction
Out of Bounds 2014 Lyddesign-konsulent DK/Short fiction
A Tribute to J.J. Abrams 2013 Dialogklipper DK/Short fiction
Blodets Bånd 2013 Tonemester DK/Documentary
Hvor lyset kommer ind 2013 Lyddesign DK/Short fiction
En god død 2013 Lyddesign DK/Documentary
Under the Fold 2013 Lyddesign-konsulent DK/Short fiction
Født til at kæmpe 2013 Tonemester DK/Documentary
Memoria 2013 Lydkonsulent DK/Short fiction
Porcelain 2013 Lyddesign-konsulent DK/Short fiction
Drømmen om en familie 2013 B-tonemester DK/Documentary
Out of the Ordinary 2013 Lyddesign-konsulent DK/Short fiction
The Reward 2013 Lyddesign-konsulent DK/Short fiction
Shanne 2:5 - Seks uger uden Emma 2012 Lyddesign DK/Documentary
Shanne 1:5 - Alene i klassen 2012 Lyddesign DK/Documentary
Shanne 3:5 - En helt ny klasse 2012 Lyddesign DK/Documentary
Shanne 4:5 - Skænderier med Emma 2012 Lyddesign DK/Documentary
Shanne 5:5 - Nye og gamle venner 2012 Lyddesign DK/Documentary
Shanne og veninderne 2012 Lyddesign DK/Documentary
Identitetstyveriet 2012 Lyddesign DK/Documentary
The Ghost Of Piramida 2012 Lyd DK/Documentary
Rekordmanden 2012 Lydkonsulent DK/Documentary
Vilde piger 2012 Lydmix DK/Documentary
Sort hvid dreng 2012 Lyddesign DK/Documentary
Et forbandet år 2012 Tonemester DK/Documentary
Belinda Beautiful 2012 Lyddesign DK/Short fiction
10 timer til Paradis 2012 Lyddesign, Lydmix, Tonemester (trailer) DK/Feature
Putins kys 2012 Lyddesign DK/Documentary
The Secret Society Of Fine Arts 2012 Lyddesign DK/Feature
My love - Historien om Poul & Mai 2012 Lyddesign DK/Documentary
En detektiv i provinsen 2:3 2012 Lyddesign DK/Documentary
En detektiv i provinsen 3:3 2012 Lyddesign DK/Documentary
Glidende mavelandinger 2012 Lyddesign DK/Short fiction
Væsen 2012 Lyddesign-konsulent DK/Short fiction
Space Stallions 2012 Lyddesign-konsulent DK/Short fiction
Load 2012 Lyddesign-konsulent DK/Short fiction
En detektiv i provinsen 1:3 2012 Lyddesign DK/Documentary
You & Me Forever 2012 Lyddesign, Musik-supervisor, Tonemester (postproduktion), Lydmix DK/Feature
Wing 2012 Lyddesign-konsulent DK/Short fiction
Ride of Passage 2012 Lyddesign-konsulent DK/Short fiction
Dronningen af Versailles 2012 Lyddesign, Lydklipper supervisor DK/Documentary
Godnathistorier fra ondskabens akse 2011 Tonemester DK/Documentary
Juan 2011 Lydeffektklipper DK/Feature
Dyret 2011 Mixer DK/Short fiction
Klovn for livet 2011 Lyddesign DK/Documentary
The house inside her 2011 Tonemester DK/Short fiction
Turning 2011 Lydmix, Lydklipper DK/Documentary
Canned Dreams 2011 Lyddesign DK/Documentary
Salma 2011 Lyddesign-konsulent DK/Short fiction
The Saga of Biôrn 2011 Lyddesign-konsulent DK/Short fiction
The Backwater Gospel 2011 Lyddesign-konsulent DK/Short fiction
Last Fall 2011 Lyddesign-konsulent DK/Short fiction
Captain Awesome 2011 Lyddesign-konsulent DK/Short fiction
Rosa Morena 2011 Supplerende lyd DK/Feature
Tankograd 2010 Sound DK/Documentary
Lysvågen 2010 Sound, Tonemester (postproduktion) DK/Short fiction
Fodbold er Gud 2010 Sound DK/Documentary
We are all Africans 2010 Sound DK/Documentary
Into eternity 2010 Lydkonsulent DK/Documentary
Min bedste fjende 2010 Lyddesign DK/Feature
De sårede 2010 Tonemester DK/Documentary
Smukke mennesker 2010 Lydmix DK/Feature
Alting bliver godt igen 2010 Lydmix DK/Feature
Show Dream 2009 Sound, Lydmix DK/Experimental
Næste gang bliver vi fugle 2009 Sound DK/Documentary
Nedenunder 2009 Sound DK/Short fiction
Drømme i København 2009 Sound DK/Documentary
Mallorca 2009 Sound DK/Short fiction
Lærkevej 2009 Musik-supervisor TV series
Storm 2009 B-tonemester (postproduktion) DK/Feature
Aqualorius 2009 Lydmix DK/Short fiction
Mænd der hader kvinder 2009 Lydeffektklipper Feature
Antichrist 2009 Lydeffektklipper DK/Feature
Pusling 2008 Sound DK/Short fiction
Slaver 2008 Sound Documentary
69 2008 Sound DK/Documentary
Cathrine 2008 Lydmix DK/Short fiction
Kandidaten 2008 Lydklipper DK/Feature
Ma salama Jamil - Gå med fred Jamil 2008 Konsulent DK/Feature
Danni 2007 Sound TV series
Duften af Beirut 2007 Sound DK/Documentary
Kollegiet 2007 Sound DK/Feature
Anja & Viktor - brændende kærlighed 2007 Lydmix DK/Feature
Ledsaget udgang 2007 B-tonemester DK/Feature
Ung mand falder 2007 Lydeffekter DK/Short fiction
De unge år 2007 B-tonemester DK/Feature
Skyggen af tvivl 2006 Lydkonsulent DK/Short fiction
Supervoksen 2006 Tonemester DK/Feature
Offscreen 2006 B-tonemester DK/Feature
Krummerne - så er det jul igen 2006 B-tonemester (postproduktion) DK/Feature
To Damascus - a film on interpretation 2005 Music, Sound DK/Documentary
Julie 2005 Music, Sound TV series
Allegro 2005 Lydeffektklipper DK/Feature
Bang Bang Orangutang 2005 Lydmix DK/Feature
Veninder 2005 Lydmix DK/Feature
Anklaget 2005 B-tonemester (postproduktion) DK/Feature
Lauges kat 2004 Sound DK/Short fiction
Purpose Of Visit 2004 Sound DK/Short fiction
110% Greve - en film fra virkeligheden 2004 Tonemester DK/Documentary
Familien Gregersen 2004 B-tonemester DK/Feature
Regel nr. 1 2003 Musik-supervisor, Tonemester DK/Feature
Dag og nat 2003 Lyddesign DK/Feature
Nu 2003 Lyddesign DK/Short fiction
Zakka West 2003 Foley artist DK/Feature
Bokseren 2003 B-tonemester (postproduktion) DK/Short fiction
Stjernekigger 2002 Sound DK/Documentary
Postkort fra Mars 2001 Sound, Lyddesign DK/Short fiction
Mellemtiden 2001 Sound DK/Short fiction
Hr. Boe & co's Anxiety 2001 Boom operator DK/Short fiction
Tegninger 2000 Sound DK/Short fiction
Fat Moon Rising 2000 Sound DK/Short fiction
State Of Bliss 2000 Sound DK/Short fiction
Epilog 1998 Sound, Sound DK/Short fiction
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Det Danske Filminstitut registrerer international festivaldeltagelse og priser til danske film, dog primært de titler, som Filminstituttet varetager i sin festivaldistribution, og primært i forbindelse med de festivaler, som Filminstituttet har prioriteret at samarbejde med. Registreringen af festivaldeltagelse og priser til danske film, der ikke er i festivaldistribution, foretages kun for "launch"-festivaler ifølge Filminstituttets prioriterede festivalliste. Se listen over prioriterede festivaler.