Bedtime stories from the axis of evil

Vibeke Bryld, Denmark, 2011

28 min.DK/Documentary

The definition of the "axis of evil" happened in january 2002 in the aftermath of september 11th. George Bush gave a speech where he named a string of countries thought to be homes of terror. The countries were Iraq, Iran, and North Korea. Bush is gone, but the traces of the language remains. In "Bedtime stories from the axis of evil" we visit a family from each country as night falls and the storytelling begins. Through child like cardboard cities, we enter into a space between the strange logic of political agitation and fairytales as the stories between child and parent unfold. The stories are woven together by love, ideas of justice, beauty, and ultimately by the concepts of good and evil. It is a film about the stories that divide us and bring us together.
Basic information Credits
Original title Godnathistorier fra ondskabens akse
Danish title Godnathistorier fra ondskabens akse
Other titles Godnathistorier
Keywords Bedtime stories, Narrations, Iran, Iraq, North Korea
Director Vibeke Bryld
Producer Anna-Maria Kantarius
Director of Photography Adam Philp
Editor Bobbie Esra G. Pertan
Sound Peter Albrechtsen
Composer Tobias Hylander
Appearance Hala Akram Jasim, Ahmed Abbas Yaseen, Mohanad Ahmed Abbas, Aysar Ahmed Abbas
Production country Denmark
Danish festival release 07.11.2011, Cinemateket, CPH:DOX 2011
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company
Executive Producer Upfront Films


Direction Vibeke Bryld


Script consultant Dola Bonfils


Producer Anna-Maria Kantarius
Production coordinator Signe Tillisch
Production coordinator Annette Frederiksen
Post-producton coordinator Camilla Dal
Interpreter Jihye Park
Interpreter Abbas Ridha Mohammad Al Zanjne
Translation Ala'A Mohsen
Translation Jihye Park
Translation Naweed Amini


Cinematography Adam Philp
Key grip Allan O. Lückow
Loader Lars Hall
Cinematographic supervisor Linda Wassberg


Stills Adam Philp

Electrical dept.

Electrical dept. Jesper Westh


Editing Bobbie Esra G. Pertan
Editing supervisor Camilla Ebling


Music Tobias Hylander

Production design

Models Sean McFeely
Models Anabelle Rigg
Models Remy Kass
Models Sune Ahler
Models Nadav Kochavi
Models James Bonney
Models Michael Kirschner
Models Marie Boye Thomsen
Models Helle Kirstine Egsgaard


Sound engineer Peter Albrechtsen

Visual effects

Graphic design Jens Raunkjær Christensen
Colourist Rune Felix Holm
Online Rune Felix Holm


Appearance Hala Akram Jasim
Appearance Ahmed Abbas Yaseen
Appearance Mohanad Ahmed Abbas
Appearance Aysar Ahmed Abbas
Appearance Jelil Nazari

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