Dola Bonfils

(1941 – )

Director. Born 1941, Denmark. Fine Arts graduate from Copenhagen University and Utrecht. Attended several courses at the National Film School of Denmark. Has worked with film since 1968.

Director for the documentary cinema, Kino Valde, 1970-1973 before she became a film consultant for DANIDA. In 1995, she received a 1-year scholarship from the Danish Art Foundation and in 1998 a working scholarship granted by a committee for film and theatre.

Inspired by US director Frederick Wiseman, Bonfils was a pioneer in Danish observational documentary. She portrayed different Danish institutions – a high school, the police, a hospital – in "Gymnasiet - en skoleform" (1983), "Politiet i virkeligheden I-III" (1986) and "Dying - a Part of Living". The latter was part of a trilogy about the health and research world, which also included "The Anatomy of Thought" (1997) about current brain research and "Dreams with Deadlines," following a research team at Novo Nordisk. She initiated the series "Magtens billeder," about the nature of power, to which she contributed with "C-Memorandum" (2004) about the Defense Command.

Bonfils was film commissioner at the Danish Film Institute 2005-09 plus 2011.

Title Year Function Category
The Great Game 2018 Editing supervisor DK/Documentary
Bedtime stories from the axis of evil 2011 Script consultant DK/Documentary
K-notatet 2004 Direction, Script TV documentary
Drømme med deadlines - en genfortælling 2003 Direction, Script DK/Documentary
The living word - part 3 2001 Direction, Script DK/Documentary
Billedkunstnerisk praksis I & II 1999 Direction, Script DK/Documentary
The liwing word - part 2 1997 Direction, Production, Screenplay DK/Documentary
The anatomy of thought 1997 Direction, Script DK/Documentary
The Living Word - part 1 1996 Direction, Script DK/Documentary
The Principle of engagement 1994 Direction, Script DK/Documentary
Lydbilleder - 6 variationer over et tema 1993 Direction, Voiceover, Script, Producer DK/Documentary
To malere - To værksteder 1992 Direction, Script DK/Documentary
Gurps 1990 Direction, Script, Screenplay DK/Experimental
Med døden inde på livet 1989 Direction DK/Documentary
Glemmer du ... - en film om demens 1989 Direction, Screenplay DK/Documentary
Livsstykker - en film om gamle 1988 Direction, Screenplay DK/Documentary
The Police in real life (1) 1986 Direction, Script DK/Documentary
The Police in real life (2). Equality before the Law 1986 Direction, Script DK/Documentary
The Police in real life (3). Consequences 1986 Direction, Script DK/Documentary
Lutter lagkage? 1985 Direction DK/Documentary
Kan man give æstetikken køn 1984 Direction DK/Documentary
High School - A type of school 1983 Direction, Script DK/Documentary
Seeking a future 1982 Direction, Script DK/Documentary
Stepping out 1981 Unit manager DK/Feature
Black Pete - no, you're it 1980 Assistant director, Screenplay DK/Short fiction
Through the Mirror 1980 Continuity DK/Feature
The woman and the EEC 1972 Direction, Script DK/Documentary
Man sku' være noget ved musikken 1972 Production assistant DK/Feature
Swedish Fly Girls 1971 Assistant editor Feature
Are You Afraid? 1971 Assistant editor DK/Feature
Love and kisses 1969 Assistant DK/Feature
Love Will Last for the Longest Time 1967 Appearance DK/Experimental