The Great Game

Andreas Dalsgaard, Denmark, 2018

85 min.DK/Documentary

An old, ailing general is losing his memory. His anarchist son wants to connect. They share a passion for the Wild East, where grandfather was a famous explorer among Mongol tribes. He died under mysterious circumstances in 1948 in Afghanistan. Rumors say he was a British agent and gunrunner. Michael, the grandson, takes his father Søren out of the nursing home. He wants him to taste life, and he wants them to spend time together. The odd couple travel across China. They encounter temples, chiefs, and ancestors who reveal that the grandfather was a true Lawrence of the East. A man who fought to unite the Mongol tribes and defend them against the Soviet Reds.
Basic information Credits Festivals & awards
Danish title Fædre og sønner
Other titles The Great Game
Director Andreas Dalsgaard
Director of Photography Valdemar Cold Winge Leisner
Production designer Anders Elberling
Appearances Michael Haslund-Christensen, Søren Haslund-Christensen, Henning Haslund-Christensen, Marianne Haslund-Christensen
Production country Denmark
Production companies Haslund Film
Domestic distribution DOXBIO
International sale Cinephil - Philippa Kowarsky Production Ltd. / Levontin Street 18 / 65112 Tel Aviv / t +972 3566 4129 / f +972 3560 1436 / info@cinephil.co.il / cinephil.com
Comment The film is a road trip full of odd characters and mysterious encounters, told through material from a unique private archive. Director Andreas Dalsgaard received wide acclaim for The War Show (2016), co-directed with Obaidah Zytoon, which won the Venice Days Award and Best Nordic Documentary at Göteborg and also screened at Toronto and IDFA, among a string of other festivals.
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte


Production companies Haslund Film
Co-producer Mantaray Film AB, Elk Film
With support from Det Danske Filminstitut, Svenska Filminstitutet, Nordisk Film & TV Fond, SVT, YLE, VTR, YesDocs
In colaboration with tv 2
Domestic distribution DOXBIO


Direction Andreas Dalsgaard


Executive producer Michael Haslund-Christensen
Co-producer Stina Gardell
Co-producer Sune Lolk
Co-producer Andreas Dalsgaard


Cinematographer Valdemar Cold Winge Leisner


Editor Denniz Göl Bertelsen


Composer Kristian Selin Eidnes Andersen


Production design Anders Elberling


Sound design Martin Hennel


Appearance Michael Haslund-Christensen
Appearance Søren Haslund-Christensen
Appearance Henning Haslund-Christensen
Appearance Marianne Haslund-Christensen
Appearance Dr. Sven Hedin
Appearance Ben Lewis
Appearance Christel Braa

Festival screenings

Festival Festival date
CPH:DOX 2018-03-15
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