Toke Rude Trangbæk

Title Year Function Category
The Exception 2020 VFX producer, Post Producer DK/Feature
In Love & War 2018 VFX production manager, Post-production supervisor DK/Feature
The Great Game 2018 Post Producer DK/Documentary
All For Three 2017 Post Producer DK/Feature
The War Show 2016 Post Producer DK/Documentary
Juleønsket 2015 Post Producer TV series
Heartless 2 2015 Post Producer TV series
Shadow of a Hero 2015 Post-production supervisor DK/Documentary
Mountain 2015 Post-producton coordinator Feature
Lovebirds 2014 Production coordinator DK/Documentary
Kolbøttefabrikken 2014 Post-production supervisor DK/Feature
Heartless 1 2014 Post-production supervisor TV series
Tomgang 2013 Post Producer TV series
All for Two 2013 Post-production supervisor DK/Feature
Sepideh - Reaching for The Stars 2013 Post-producton coordinator DK/Documentary
Catch the Dream 2013 Post-production assistant DK/Feature
Afraid of the Dark 2013 Post Producer DK/Documentary
Jeg er fantastisk - Jeg er genert 2013 Post Producer DK/Documentary
Jeg er fantastisk - Vi er kærester 2013 Post Producer DK/Documentary
Jeg er fantastisk - Jeg keder mig 2013 Post Producer DK/Documentary
Jeg er fantastisk - Jeg er misundelig 2013 Post Producer DK/Documentary
Jeg er fantastisk - Jeg er sur 2013 Post Producer DK/Documentary
Over the edge 2012 Post-production supervisor DK/Feature
All for one 2011 Post-production DK/Feature
Armadillo 2010 Producer: post-production DK/Documentary
Bob Bob Bølle Bob 2010 Post-producton coordinator DK/Feature
The christmas party 2009 Producer: post-production DK/Feature
Hurry home 2009 Production manager: post-production DK/Documentary
Winnie & Karina 2009 Post-producton coordinator DK/Feature
No Right Turn 2009 Production coordinator: post-production DK/Feature
Take the trash 2008 Post-production manager DK/Feature
Pistoleros 2008 Production coordinator: post-production DK/Feature
Solo 2007 Production coordinator: post-production DK/Documentary
The Rescue of the Jews in Denmark 2005 Assistant editor, Graphic design DK/Documentary
Bølle Bob & Smukke Sally 2005 Colourist DK/Feature
Veninder 2005 Production coordinator: post-production, Post-producton coordinator DK/Feature
Ambulance 2005 VFX coordinator DK/Feature
Motormagasinet 2004 Sound TV series