Louise Detlefsen, Denmark, 2014

60 min.DK/Documentary

They are approaching their mid 20's and adult life is approaching like dark clouds on the horizon. A disturbing perspective, when you haven't quite found your way in life and just enjoy days as they come - talk, party, sleep and do it all over again the next day. "We never have to grow up" Sus says to her friend Marline, while they watch the sun come up after a night out in Copenhagen. Still the girls cannot help thinking - where am I going in life? Is there someone out there, who will take good care of my heart? And what if that person is a girl? With a view of the rooftops of Copenhagen, and always with a cigarette between their fingers, three friends let us share their private space. In a series of intimate situations, "Lovebirds" portrays the fragile and intoxicating freedom during the years, where life still lies ahead of us.
Basic information Credits
Original title Lovebirds
Danish title Lovebirds
Keywords Girlfriends, Young people, Women, Love, Outlook on life, Living conditions, Copenhagen, 2010-2019
Director Louise Detlefsen
Producer Miriam Nørgaard
Director of Photography Camilla Hjelm
Editor Bobbie Esra G. Pertan
Sound Henrik Gugge
Production country Denmark
Dialogue language Danish
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte
Danish rating Not recommended for children under 7
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Production company
Executive Producer Fridthjof Film
With support from Det Danske Filminstitut


Direction Louise Detlefsen


Executive producer Ronnie Fridthjof
Producer Miriam Nørgaard
Production manager Christian von der Recke
Production coordinator Toke Rude Trangbæk
Production assistant Riina Spørring Zachariassen


Cinematographer Camilla Hjelm


Editor Bobbie Esra G. Pertan


Music Peter Albrechtsen


Sound engineer Henrik Gugge
Sound Peter Albrechtsen

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