Take the trash

Rasmus Heide, Denmark, 2008

83 min.DK/Feature

Jesper is a successful IT salesman who will stop at nothing to stay number one. With a beautiful wife and a lovely home, his picture perfect life seems complete. Until one day when his arrogance hits him like a boomerang, and he loses everything overnight. Jesper is sentenced to community service at a recycling dump with people he thinks are lowlifes: Theodore, the dump's straight-talking boss, Lotte, a daydreaming lesbian, and Dion who makes sure today's work is done tomorrow. As Jesper gets used to his hands getting dirty, he meets a girl and realizes that this simpler life is more meaningful than expected. But when the dump is threatened to be shut down, Jesper has to fight a greater cause to help his new-found friends.
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Original title Blå mænd
Danish title Blå mænd
Director Rasmus Heide
Screenplay Rasmus Heide, Mick Øgendahl
Producer Ronnie Fridthjof
Director of Photography Jan Pallesen, Eric Kress
Editor Martin Bønsvig Wehding
Sound Jeppe Jungersen
Production designer Gitte Bundgaard-Malling
Appearance Thure Lindhardt, Mick Øgendahl, Sidse Babett Knudsen, Troels Lyby
Production country Denmark
Production company Fridthjof Film
Domestic distribution Scanbox
International sales Fridthjof Film A/S / Skofabrikken / Spontinisvej 7, 2. / 2450 København SV / t +45 3618 0880 / c +45 3141 2121 / mail@f-film.com / www.f-film.com
Technical info 2278 meter, 35 mm, Dolby SR
Danish theatrical release 15.08.2008
Cinemas Palads, Albertslund Biograferne, Reprise Teatret, Ishøj Bio, Gladsaxe Bio, Herlev Teaterbio, Værløse Bio, BioCity (Tåstrup), Kastrup Bio, Baltoppen Bio 1-2, Park Bio, Gentofte Kino, Glostrup Bio, CinemaxX, Bio Viften (Rødovre), Empire, Kinopalæet (Lyngby), Metropol, Falkoner, Vanløse Bio samt 74 biografer i provinsen
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company Fridthjof Film
Domestic distribution Scanbox

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