Henrik Gugge Garnov

Title Year Function Category
Pretty Young Thing 2022 Sound engineer DK/Feature
Into the Deep 2022 Sound designer DK/Documentary
There is a Border in My Backyard 2021 Sound designer DK/Documentary
On Screen Off Record 2021 Sound designer DK/Documentary
Crush 2021 Sound: post-production Series (documentary)
Crush 2021 Sound: post-production Series (documentary)
Crush 2021 Sound: post-production Series (documentary)
Crush 2021 Sound: post-production Series (documentary)
Crush 2021 Sound: post-production Series (documentary)
Crush 2021 Sound: post-production Series (documentary)
Crush 2021 Sound: post-production Series (documentary)
Crush 2021 Sound: post-production Series (documentary)
Crush 2021 Sound: post-production Series (documentary)
Crush 2021 Sound: post-production Series (documentary)
Crush 2021 Sound: post-production Series (documentary)
The Exception 2020 Sound designer DK/Feature
Angels are made of Light 2019 Sound designer Series (documentary)
Angels are made of Light 2019 Sound designer Series (documentary)
A Comedian in a Syrian Tragedy 2019 Sound designer Documentary
In Love & War 2018 Sound designer DK/Feature
My Great Confirmation - All confirmation candidates have a story to tell 1:2 2018 Sound designer Series (documentary)
My Great Confirmation - All confirmation candidates have a story to tell 2:2 2018 Sound designer Series (documentary)
Overleverne 1:3 2018 Sound designer Series (documentary)
Overleverne 2:3 2018 Sound designer Series (documentary)
Overleverne 3:3 2018 Sound designer Series (documentary)
Angels are made of Light 2018 Sound designer Documentary
Niarns død 2018 Sound designer DK/Documentary
Maid in Hell 2018 Sound designer DK/Documentary
All For Three 2017 Sound designer DK/Feature
Faith 2017 Sound designer, Sound mixer DK/Documentary
The Dolphin 2017 Sound engineer DK/Short fiction
That Summer 2017 Sound designer DK/Documentary
Those Who Jump 2016 Sound designer, Sound mixer DK/Documentary
The Child Soldier’s New Job 2016 Sound designer DK/Documentary
Sporskifte 2016 Additional dialogue editor DK/Short fiction
The Shamer's Daughter 2015 Sound designer DK/Feature
Freak Out 2014 Sound designer Documentary
The Look of Silence 2014 Sound, Sound designer DK/Documentary
We are Journalists 2014 Sound designer DK/Documentary
Heartless 1 2014 Sound designer TV series
Helium 2014 Sound editor, Executive producer DK/Short fiction
Kolbøttefabrikken 2014 Sound supervisor DK/Feature
Katusha 2014 Sound editor DK/Short fiction
Father of Four 2014 Sound engineer: post-production DK/Feature
Threesome 2014 Sound engineer: post-production, Mix consultant DK/Feature
All for Two 2013 Sound designer DK/Feature
Tale of a String 2013 Sound designer DK/Short fiction
The Stranger Within 2013 Sound mixer DK/Feature
Over the edge 2012 Sound designer DK/Feature
9 meter 2012 Sound editor DK/Short fiction
The Act of Killing 2012 Sound DK/Documentary
Daddy 2012 Sound: post-production DK/Short fiction
My Sister's Kids Home Alone 2012 Foley recordist, Foley editor DK/Feature
Jensen & Jensen 2011 Sound designer DK/Feature
Something in the Air 2011 Sound designer DK/Feature
Den talende kuffert 2011 Sound editor DK/Short fiction
All for one 2011 Sound designer DK/Feature
Those who kill 2011 Sound editor TV series
Den sidste rejse 2011 Sound designer DK/Feature
Eddie 2011 Re-recording mixer Feature
Ronal Barbaren 2011 Additional sound DK/Feature
Karla and Jonas 2010 Sound engineer: post-production DK/Feature
Far til fire - på japansk 2010 Sound effect editor DK/Feature
Monsterjægerne 2009 Sound, Foley artist DK/Feature
Simon & Malou 2009 Sound designer DK/Feature
Nuummioq 2009 Sound mixer Feature
Karla og Katrine 2009 Sound engineer DK/Feature
The christmas party 2009 Sound engineer: post-production DK/Feature
Panser 2008 Sound DK/Short fiction
Attention Kasimir 2008 Sound editor DK/Short fiction
One Shot 2008 Sound mixer DK/Feature
Tempelriddernes skat III - Mysteriet om slangekronen 2008 Sound: post production DK/Feature
Take the trash 2008 B-sound designer: post-production DK/Feature
The candidate 2008 Sound mixer DK/Feature
The black madonna 2007 Sound designer DK/Feature
March 2007 Sound designer DK/Short fiction
Tempelriddernes skat II 2007 B-sound designer: post-production DK/Feature
Invitation from God 2006 Sound DK/Documentary
Wellkåmm to Verona 2006 Sound editor Feature
Lotto 2006 Sound engineer DK/Feature
Father of four - living large 2006 Sound engineer: post-production DK/Feature
Bázo 2005 Sound designer Feature
Den store dag 2005 Sound mixer DK/Feature
Percy, Buffalo Bill och jag 2005 Dubbing Feature
Den gode strømer 2004 Sound engineer DK/Feature
Sharks 2004 Sound designer, Sound mixer DK/Feature
Nede på jorden 2004 Sound engineer DK/Documentary
Tid til forandring 2004 Sound engineer DK/Feature
Krig 2003 Sound engineer DK/Documentary
Louise og Papaya 2003 Sound: post production DK/Short fiction
Territorielle udsagn 2003 Sound: post production DK/Documentary
En som Hodder 2003 Sound engineer DK/Feature
Drømme med deadlines - en genfortælling 2003 Sound engineer DK/Documentary
Gamle mænd i nye biler 2002 Sound DK/Feature
Rage 2002 Sound DK/Short fiction
Hjerteafdelingen 2002 Sound TV series
Trækfugle 2001 Sound DK/Short fiction
Jolly Roger 2001 Sound DK/Feature
The living word - part 3 2001 Sound DK/Documentary
Pyrus på pletten 2000 Sound DK/Feature
Anna 2000 Sound, Sound editor DK/Feature
Crocodile trophy 2000 Sound DK/Documentary
Her i nærheden 2000 B-sound designer: post-production DK/Feature
Dykkerne 2000 B-sound designer DK/Feature
No man's land 2000 Sound engineer: post-production DK/Feature
The bench 2000 Sound assistant DK/Feature
Afsporet 1999 Sound DK/Short fiction
The Magnetist's Fifth Winter 1999 Sound editor DK/Feature
Light, darkness and colours 1998 Sound DK/Documentary
On our own 1998 Sound: post production DK/Feature
Love Fools 1998 Sound Feature
Skat, det er din tur 1997 Sound DK/Feature
Royal Blues 1997 Sound DK/Short fiction
The anatomy of thought 1997 Sound engineer DK/Documentary
A Scent of Paradise 1997 Sound assistant DK/Feature
Eye of the Eagle 1997 Sound engineer DK/Feature
The Living Word - part 1 1996 Sound engineer DK/Documentary
Ondt blod 1996 B-sound designer DK/Feature
Nattens syn 1995 Music DK/Short fiction
Circus Hildebrandt 1995 Sound DK/Feature
Just a Girl 1995 Sound: post-production DK/Feature
Body Switch 1995 Sound editor DK/Feature
Ord 1994 Sound DK/Documentary
The Principle of engagement 1994 Sound DK/Documentary
Black Harvest 1993 Sound DK/Feature
Natskygger 1993 Sound DK/Documentary
Michael Laudrup: A Football Player 1993 Sound assistant DK/Documentary
Den grønne olie 1992 Editing, Sound, Sound engineer DK/Documentary
Nat og dag - et moderne eventyr 1992 Sound DK/Short fiction
The Hideaway 1991 Sound DK/Feature
Da natten forsvandt - et elektrisk eventyr 1991 Sound DK/Documentary
Star dog 1991 Sound DK/Experimental
Zentropa 1991 Dubbing DK/Feature
Casanova 1990 Sound DK/Feature
Gurps 1990 Sound, Sound engineer DK/Experimental
Sirup 1990 B-sound designer DK/Feature
Med døden inde på livet 1989 Sound DK/Documentary
Aprilsvejr 1989 Sound DK/Short fiction
Hero of the day 1989 Sound DK/Short fiction
Minder fra Transylvanien 1989 Sound DK/Short fiction
Glemmer du ... - en film om demens 1989 Sound engineer DK/Documentary
Retfærdighedens rytter 1989 Sound assistant DK/Short fiction
Me and Mama Mia 1989 Sound assistant DK/Feature
Fiskevenner 1988 Sound DK/Short fiction
Vand (Baby-svømning) 1988 Sound DK/Documentary
De udenforstående 1988 Sound DK/Documentary
Exil - en farvefilm 1988 Sound DK/Experimental
Rami and Juliet 1988 Sound assistant DK/Feature
Ansigt til ansigt 1987 Sound DK/Documentary
Overleverne (oversigt) Sound designer Series (documentary)