Dennis Petersen, Denmark, 2002

28 min.DK/Short fiction

During a nocturnal mass fight between a gang of immigrants and White Rage, the leader of White Rage is badly injured and hospitalized. His little brother - Jens, sees himself as the natural heir of the throne and starts to bargain for truce with the immigrant gang without the consensus of the gang members. When Jens realizes that his right-hand man, Lars, is opposing him behind his back, he is forced to choose side. All of a sudden, the battle be-tween the two gangs has become a part of the fight for the throne of White Rage, and Jens'' only ally seems to be the leader of the rival group.
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Original title Perker
Danish title Perker
Keywords Immigrants, Young people, Gangs, Xenophobia, Conflicts, Crime, Cultural meetings, Radicalization, Extremism
Director Dennis Petersen
Screenplay Frederik Nørgaard
Producer Stefan Frost, Henrik Underbjerg
Director of Photography Anders Holck Petersen
Editor Mette Zeruneith
Sound Jens Christian L. Hartvig, Henrik Gugge Garnov
Composer Kim Kløverhus Jørgensen
Production designer Per Carlsen
Casting Lene Seested
Appearance Frederik Nørgaard, Anders Brink Madsen, Saied Zoghi, Mira Wanting
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Danske Filminstitut
Technical info color
Danish theatrical release 27.12.2002
Cinemas Øst for Paradis (Århus)
Danish rating Allowed for children over the age of 11
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Production company Radiator Film ApS
Domestic distribution Danske Filminstitut


Direction Dennis Petersen
Assistant director Gitte Dahm
Casting Lene Seested
Continuity Lone Visby Olsen


Script Frederik Nørgaard


Producer Stefan Frost
Producer Henrik Underbjerg
Production manager Merete Stubkjær
Production manager Mie Agerholm Sørensen
Runner Mine Anne Sofie Neumann


Cinematography Anders Holck Petersen
Camera assistant Meeto Worre Kronborg Grevsen
Steadicam operator Anders Holck Petersen


Stills Tue Hoé

Electrical dept.

Gaffer Poul Iversen
Best boy Thomas Kildegaard


Editing Mette Zeruneith


Music Kim Kløverhus Jørgensen

Production design

Production design Per Carlsen
Set dresser Thomas Greve
Assistant set dresser Katrine Baastrup
Assistant set dresser Ditte Marie Winther


Wardrobe Kirsten Zäschke


Chief makeup artist Kirsten Zäschke


Sound Jens Christian L. Hartvig
Sound Henrik Gugge Garnov

Visual effects

Graphic design Lasse Hoile
Colourist Thomas Knudsen


Stunts Human Azizi
Stunts Thomas Bernt
Stunts Naeir Yasat


Jens Frederik Nørgaard
Lars Anders Brink Madsen
Muhammed Saied Zoghi
Sanne Mira Wanting
Betjent Uffe Kristensen
Indisk læge Sohail A. Hassan
Betjent Brita Ann Larsen
Eva Anja Johnbeck
White Rage-medlem Thomas Maj Fuglsbjerg
White Rage-medlem Rune Mikkelsen
Bodyguard Mohammed Hassan
Bodyguard Ahmad Hassan
Stripper Nadia Nielsen
Bartender Jakob Kristoffersen
Butiksejer Abdul Kadir
Sygeplejerske Mette Blicher Folmer
Sygeplejerske Tove Krag Jensen
Sygeplejerske David Flye Jensen
Sygeplejerske Charlotte Greyling
Bodyguard Yüksel Akdag

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