Anders Holck Petersen

(1978 – )

Title Year Function Category
The Kiss 2023 Steadicam DK/Feature
Darkland: The Return 2023 Steadicam DK/Feature
A Matter of Trust 2022 Technical supervisor DK/Feature
The Fight for Greenland 2020 Technical supervisor DK/Documentary
Into the Darkness 2020 Technical supervisor DK/Feature
Father of Four and the Vikings 2020 Technical support DK/Feature
The Good Traitor 2020 Technical support DK/Feature
Hacker 2019 Technical support DK/Feature
The Kindness of Strangers 2019 Technical supervisor DK/Feature
The County 2019 Technical supervisor Feature
Heavy Load 2019 Technical supervisor DK/Feature
Perfekte steder 3 2019 Steadicam operator TV series
Resin 2019 Steadicam DK/Feature
China 2019 Technical supervisor DK/Short fiction
Gooseboy 2019 Technical supervisor DK/Feature
Sons of Denmark 2019 Technical support DK/Feature
Valhalla 2019 Technical supervisor DK/Feature
Christian IV 2018 Steadicam, Technical supervisor DK/Feature
Border 2018 Technical support Feature
Perfekte steder 2 2018 Steadicam operator TV series
Wildwitch 2018 Technical supervisor DK/Feature
I am William 2017 Steadicam operator DK/Feature
Perfekte steder 1 2017 Steadicam operator TV series
Dan Dream 2017 Steadicam DK/Feature
Word of God 2017 Digital technician DK/Feature
Man Divided 2017 Steadicam operator DK/Feature
Swinger 2016 Steadicam DK/Feature
Walk with Me 2016 Steadicam DK/Feature
The Neon Demon 2016 VFX cinematographer, Technical supervisor DK/Feature
Summer of '92 2015 Steadicam operator DK/Feature
Interruption 2015 Steadicam DK/Short fiction
Livsforkortelses ekspert 2014 Cinematographer DK/Short fiction
No Exit 2 - Rise Against 2013 Steadicam operator DK/Short fiction
Lækre til vi dør 2013 Steadicam DK/Short fiction
Undertow 2012 Steadicam DK/Short fiction
Rita 1 2012 Steadicam operator TV series
The Killing III 2012 Camera assistant TV series
No Exit 2010 Steadicam operator DK/Short fiction
Freedom on parole 2010 Director of photography DK/Feature
Benja 2009 Steadicam DK/Short fiction
Det meste af tiden 2009 Camera operator DK/Short fiction
Imellem os 2009 DIT DK/Short fiction
Stykke for stykke 2009 Steadicam operator DK/Short fiction
The perfect heist 2008 Cinematography DK/Feature
Evigt elskes kun det tabte 2008 Steadicam DK/Short fiction
Himmerland 2008 Steadicam operator, VFX DK/Feature
Together 2008 Color correction DK/Documentary
En sikker vinder 2008 Steadicam operator DK/Short fiction
Yallahrup færgeby 2007 Steadicam operator TV series
Carl's Angels 2006 Steadicam operator DK/Short fiction
Sunrise 2005 Cinematography DK/Short fiction
Clown 2005 Stills, Online editor TV series
Uhyret 2005 Color correction DK/Short fiction
Bázo 2005 Technical advisor Feature
Vimmersvej 2003 Cinematography DK/Short fiction
Det var en lørdag aften 2003 Cinematography, Editing DK/Short fiction
Mørket 2003 Cinematography DK/Short fiction
2 moves, 1 pass 2003 First assistant camera DK/Feature
Pianissimo 2003 Cinematographer, Colourist DK/Short fiction
Rage 2002 Cinematography, Steadicam operator DK/Short fiction
The Heist 2000 Editing DK/Short fiction

As Anders Holck

Title Year Function Category
Copenhagen Does Not Exist 2023 Steadicam DK/Feature
Jomfruer fra rummet 2023 Steadicam DK/Feature
A Lucky Man 2022 Technical supervisor DK/Feature
Where were you? 2022 Technical camera supervisor TV series
First suspect 2022 Technical camera supervisor TV series
Choosing side 2022 Technical camera supervisor TV series
Secret desire 2022 Technical camera supervisor TV series
Deceiving hearts 2022 Technical camera supervisor TV series
Turning back time 2022 Technical camera supervisor TV series
Things can never be the same 2022 Technical camera supervisor TV series
What happened that night 2022 Technical camera supervisor TV series
The Pact 2021 Steadicam DK/Feature
Buster's World 2021 Executive producer, Technical supervisor DK/Feature
The Venus Effect 2021 Technical supervisor DK/Feature
Shorta 2020 Steadicam DK/Feature
Suicide Tourist 2019 Steadicam DK/Feature
A Fortunate Man 2018 First assistant camera, Steadicam DK/Feature
Small Town Killers 2017 Steadicam operator DK/Feature
Land of Mine 2015 Steadicam DK/Feature
On the Edge 2014 2nd cinematographer DK/Feature
Crumbs - All at Stake 2014 Steadicam DK/Feature
Father of Four 2014 Steadicam DK/Feature
Antboy 2013 Steadicam DK/Feature
My Sister's Kids Home Alone 2012 Steadicam DK/Feature
The Ones you love 2012 Steadicam DK/Short fiction
Excuse me 2012 Steadicam DK/Feature
Belinda Beautiful 2012 Steadicam operator DK/Short fiction
Upstairs 2011 Steadicam DK/Short fiction
ID:A 2011 2nd cinematographer, Steadicam DK/Feature
Bora Bora 2011 Steadicam operator DK/Feature
My beautiful daughter 2011 Cinematographer DK/Documentary
Brainy 2011 Steadicam operator DK/Short fiction
Nogle gange kommer vinteren om natten 2011 Steadicam operator: 2. unit DK/Short fiction
A Funny Man 2011 Steadicam DK/Feature
Noma - at Boiling Point 2008 Cinematographer DK/Documentary
Væk fra Spjald 2007 Colourist DK/Short fiction
Rampelys 2003 Cinematography, Editing DK/Commercial
2 moves, 1 pass 2003 Colourist DK/Feature

As Anders Petersen

Title Year Function Category
The Silent age 2013 Screenplay Game
Marco Macaco 2012 Rendering DK/Feature
Olsen Gang gets polished 2010 Lighting, Set modelling, Set shading DK/Feature