Rita 1

Lars Kaalund, Jannik Johansen, Denmark, 2012

320 min.TV series

'Rita' has a constant itch from which creating conflict ¿ something she does frequently - brings her only temporary relief, for the scars from being raised by a
tyrannical father never healed. But from the ashes of the inferno of her childhood rose Rita - unpredictable, politically incorrect, confrontational. Not the easiest way to be when you are a teacher, but the kids love her - maybe because she is still a child herself.
But things are about to change. When her son brings home his in-laws, the father turns out to be Rita's boyfriend from her late teens, the man she wasn't ready to love back then. The kind man, the good man, the man who forced her to stop and examine where all that anger came from. Now he is back in her life, and Rita gets one last chance to confront that past that is still a controlling force in her life.
Basic information Credits
Original title Rita 1
Danish title Rita 1
Part of Rita (oversigt)
Director Lars Kaalund, Jannik Johansen
Producer Jesper Morthorst, Karoline Leth
Director of Photography Kim Høgh Mikkelsen
Editor Per K. Kirkegaard, Andri Steinn Gudjonsson, Andri Steinn Gudjonsson, Henrik Vincent Thiesen
Sound Eddie Simonsen
Composer Kristian Leth, Fridolin Nordsø
Production designer Nikolaj Danielsen, M. Wan Sputnick
Casting Djamila Hansen
Appearance Mille Dinesen, Carsten Bjørnlund, Lise Baastrup, Sara Hjort Ditlevsen
Production country Denmark
Dialogue language Danish
Domestic distribution TV2 Danmark
TV release 09.02.2012, TV 2
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Production company SF Film Production ApS
With support from Public Service Puljen
Domestic distribution TV2 Danmark


Direction Lars Kaalund
Direction Jannik Johansen
Assistant director Emil Sparre-Ulrich
2nd assistant director Mikael Zilmer
2nd assistant director Mette Kjærgaard
Casting Djamila Hansen
Casting: children Jette Termann
Continuity Michael Thune
Dance director Anne Sofie Trangeled Larsen


Main screenwriter Christian Torpe
Writer (episode) Marie Østerbye


Producer Jesper Morthorst
Producer Karoline Leth
Executive producer Keld Reinicke
Executive producer Christian Torpe
Line producer Luise Thiele
Assisting producer Andreas Hjortdal
Production manager Søren Frimodt-Møller
Production manager Rasmus Lyhne
Location manager Rasmus Rise Michaelsen
Location assistant Jan Martinsen
Post-producton coordinator Mette Høst Hansen
Post-producton coordinator Nanna van Elk
Production coordinator Lina Bach Christensen
Production coordinator Stine Marie Møller Nielsen


Cinematography Kim Høgh Mikkelsen
Camera assistant Lars Krogsgaard
Camera assistant Lars Peen Rodt
First assistant camera Linda Laage S. Olsen
First assistant camera Daniel Parmo
First assistant camera Anders Hansen
Steadicam operator Edvard Friis-Møller
Steadicam operator Anders Holck Petersen
Steadicam operator Flemming Laybourn
Steadicam operator Peter Riis
Key grip Jens Peder Pedersen


Stills Per Arnesen
Stills Christian Geisnæs

Electrical dept.

Gaffer Andreas Engel
Gaffer Uffe Hanghøj
Gaffer Tobias Juhl
Electrician assistant Kenneth Andersen
Electrician assistant Alex Suhr
Electrician assistant Noah Lynnerup
Electrician assistant Allan Rune Køldal
Electrician assistant Anders Ingvartsen


Editing Per K. Kirkegaard
Editing Andri Steinn Gudjonsson
Editing Andri Steinn Gudjonsson
Editing Henrik Vincent Thiesen
Assistant editor Line Gellert
Assistant editor Liv Lynge


Music Kristian Leth
Music Fridolin Nordsø

Production design

Production design Nikolaj Danielsen
Production design M. Wan Sputnick
Set dresser Jacob Wirth Carlsen
Set designer Eva Maria Hartvig Lund
Props Trine Gram
Props Trine Jensen
Props Charlotte Snede Sørensen
Assistant set dresser Gitte Bundgaard-Malling
Assistant set dresser Trine Weber Sundstrup
Assistant set dresser Thomas Willemoes


Wardrobe Susie Bjørnvad
Costume assistant Rebekka C. Leve
Costume assistant Helle Nielsen
Costume assistant Trine Garde Finnich


Makeup Soile Ludjoi
Makeup Anne Cathrine Sauerberg
Makeup artist Tenna Hansen
Makeup artist Lisbeth Rishøj Olsen


Sound Eddie Simonsen
Sound editor Henning Eriksen
Sound editor Per Dybdal Jensen
Sound editor Christian H. Lund
Boom operator Lars Rasmussen
Boom operator Kim Dalum
Boom operator Kasper Munck-Hansen

Visual effects

Compositing Bjørn Munch Larsen
Colourist Lasse Marcussen


Rita Madsen Mille Dinesen
Rasmus Carsten Bjørnlund
Hjørdis Lise Baastrup
Molly Madsen Sara Hjort Ditlevsen
Jeppe Madsen Nikolaj Groth
Helle Ellen Hillingsø
Bitten Lykke Sand Michelsen
Ricco Madsen Morten Vang Simonsen
Tom Carsten Norgaard
Jette Lotte Andersen
Rosa Lea Høyer
Lars Michael Fabricius Sand
David Ferdinand Glad Bach
Nikolaj Jeppe Bryld
Lillebeth Lisbet Lundquist
Trine Elena Arndt-Jensen
Torben Leif Sylvester Petersen
Carsten Simon Stenspil

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