Christian Torpe

(1978 – )

Screenwriter. Born 12/5 1978. Graduated from Film- and Media Studies at Copenhagen University.

Torpe was head writer on the comedy eries 'Rita' (2012) and 'Hjørdis' (2015) as well as the feature films 'Almost Perfect' (2012) and 'Silent Heart' (2014). In 2015 he won a Bodil Award for Best Script with 'Silent Heart'. In 2019 he adapted Christian Jungersens bestseller 'The Exception' with the film of the same name.

Torpe was showrunner on the international Stephen King series 'The Mist' (2017). He also wrote the screenplay for the international feature 'Blackbird' (2019), which is an adaptation of 'Silent Heart'.
Title Year Function Category
Rom 2024 Screenplay, Executive producer DK/Feature
Camino 2023 Executive producer DK/Feature
The Pact 2021 Screenplay DK/Feature
As In Heaven 2021 Executive producer DK/Feature
The Venus Effect 2021 Executive producer DK/Feature
The Exception 2020 Screenplay DK/Feature
Rita 5 2020 Main screenwriter TV series
The Good Traitor 2020 Script consultant DK/Feature
Deliver Us 2019 Main screenwriter TV series
Blackbird 2019 Screenplay Feature
Rita 4 2017 Main screenwriter TV series
Hjørdis 2015 Screenplay TV series
Rita 3 2015 Main screenwriter, Executive producer TV series
Silent Heart 2014 Screenplay DK/Feature
Rita 2 2013 Main screenwriter, Executive producer TV series
First Movers 2013 Script consultant DK/Short fiction
Almost Perfect 2012 Screenplay DK/Feature
Rita 1 2012 Main screenwriter, Executive producer TV series
Sheep 2009 Script DK/Short fiction
Store drømme 2009 Script TV series
Park Road 2009 Writer (episode) TV series
Maj & Charlie 2008 Script TV series
Et andet sted 2006 Script DK/Short fiction
Flyd mine tårer 2005 Screenplay DK/Short fiction
Hvad vil De ha'? 1956 Sound DK/Feature