Kristian Leth

(1980 – )

Title Year Function Category
Music for Black Pigeons 2022 Recording engineer DK/Documentary
As In Heaven 2021 Composer DK/Feature
Rita 5 2020 Composer TV series
The Originals 2018 Composer DK/Documentary
Herrens veje 2 2018 Composer TV series
Herrens veje 1 2017 Composer TV series
Rita 4 2017 Composer TV series
Rita 3 2015 Composer TV series
I Am Talking To You 2013 Composer DK/Documentary
Rita 2 2013 Composer TV series
Rita 1 2012 Music TV series
Til verdens end 2010 Appearance DK/Documentary
The Erotic Human 2010 Composer DK/Feature
Næste gang bliver vi fugle 2009 Music DK/Documentary
En gyselig hilsen 2008 Music DK/Short fiction
Accused 2005 Mand 1 DK/Feature
Højdeskræk 2005 Thomas DK/Short fiction
My sister's kids in Egypt 2004 Mattias DK/Feature
Således skete det 2004 Composer DK/Short fiction
Midsummer 2003 Christian DK/Feature
Minor mishaps 2002 Pelle, Sørens og Hannes søn DK/Feature
Jul på Kronborg 2000 Robert 'Romeo' Meinert Olsen TV series

As Kristian Uldal-Leth

Title Year Function Category
Hjem til fem 1995 Jesper TV series
Notes on Love 1989 Appearance DK/Experimental
Moments of Play 1986 Composer DK/Documentary