The Silent age

Thomas Ryder, Denmark, 2013


In the first episode in The Silent Age adventure series the player follows the janitor Joe who works in a large building of the Archon organization. It is set in 1972 and Joe has been working for two years there. One day, he is asked to take over the duties of his colleague Frank and when he goes to his work area he discovers a dying old man who says to be a time traveler. He hands Joe a device he claims can be used to travel through time. He explains mankind has become extinct in the future and he has come back to help prevent it.
Basic information Credits
Original title The Silent age
Danish title The Silent age
Director Thomas Ryder
Screenplay Thomas Ryder, Anders Petersen
Producer Uni Dahl
Sound Nevin Erönde
Composer Thomas Ryder
Production country Denmark
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Production company House on Fire


Direction Thomas Ryder


Screenplay Thomas Ryder
Screenplay Anders Petersen


Producer Uni Dahl


Composer Thomas Ryder


Sound designer Nevin Erönde

Visual effects

Graphic design Thomas Ryder


Animator Peter Thomasen

Interactive crew

Level design Thomas Ryder
Lead programmer Uni Dahl
Programmer Linda Randazzo

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